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Two Sisters From The Right are priviliged to welcome back our friend Rich Carroll.  Mr. Carroll is a frequent guest writer for various journals and blogs.  He is the author of the books, "Orphaned Heroes" and "Terrorists' Crossing."  He is currently at work on his next book.

A Hard Lesson in Reality
By Rich Carroll

Francisco Felix was in the surgery room, prepped and ready for his life-saving liver transplant when doctors told him the state’s Medicaid plan wouldn’t cover the procedure.

Arizona’s Medicaid agency, AHCCCS, which has recently cut funding for some services, refused to pay for Felix’s surgery. AHCCCS does cover liver transplants but not for patients with Hepatitis C. Felix has Hepatitis C.

Local Phoenix television news stations are outraged. Bleeding hearts with good intentions but no financial solutions are calling the networks expressing their anger and outrage at the State of Arizona for not providing a free one hundred thousand dollar liver transplant, and the Hispanic community of metro-Phoenix is screaming “racism” because Mr. Felix is a non English speaking Mexican. Many of the above are calling for Arizona Governor Jan Brewer to step-in and authorize this life saving surgery. She will not, and here’s why:

The 2012 budget for Arizona’s AHCCCS (Medicaid) is $8.27 billion dollars to cover the nearly 1,350,000 enrolled patients. The rest of the state’s tax payers cannot be additionally burdened to pay skyrocketing medical costs, so Jan Brewer has said; “stop the insanity, we told you this day was coming.”

Pay close attention to this case because it’s coming to your state, soon. Francisco Felix and the millions like him are crippling the financial safety of the United States and your heirs. Free medical is only one portion of the 20 million illegals using “free services” in the United States today. I say “using” because they are draining our well-intended social services funds at an alarming rate and a 10% unemployed America can no longer finance their needs for child care, housing, food, utilities and medical. We are broke.

Don’t blame Governor Jan Brewer. Point your finger at an out of control open-border policy that allows America to be FLOODED with illegals that eventually, like the case of Francisco Felix, need to be taken-care-of by the rest of us. Blame the Obama administration and a lackey head of Homeland Security who will not enforce immigration laws of the United States of America. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is merely the messenger in a terribly broken fight for our sovereignty. She has a responsibility to the citizens of this state, and a budget that must be maintained or Arizona, like California, will fall into bankruptcy. Give her a medal.
The light at the end of this tunnel will not come with “Obama Care;” a monstrous misbegotten nightmare that will destroy the best medical care system on the planet and drive America into third-world poverty. We must stem the tide of 142 different nationalities illegally pouring over our borders because we simply cannot afford to sustain them on the backs of the American worker. Barack Obama recently agreed to import 80,000 Gaza refugees. Where will these non-English speaking people live and work? What additional burdens will these “Hamas refugees” place upon your community?

The insanity must stop, even if it has to stop with the life of Francisco Felix. We knew this day would come. Post signs at the Arizona border: The free gravy train no longer runs through Arizona. If La Raza, or any other Latino groups know of a source of funding to continue free medical care for non-American citizens step up to the plate. The rest of us are drained.

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At November 21, 2010 at 1:58 AM , Blogger Nivek said...

There are plenty of Latino businessmen and celebrities who support illegal immigration and amnesty who could organzie a foundation to help the Francisco Felixes residing in the US but they will not do so. They want the US government to tax the hard working American.


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