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Julian Assange! Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Here we were, thinking that Hillary Clinton, of all the members of the Obama administration,  was doing a fairly decent job in trying to diffuse the bombs that Julian Assange and his Wiki Leaks had set around the world, when Assange himself speaks from his HIDING place and demands Secretary Clinton's resignation.

His secret hiding place?  This is the man who some left wingers and known Libertarians feel that he was courageous, to stand by his anti war principles and reveal documents of importance to international security, and he's in hiding?  Some courage, eh?

Assange is a gutless, yellow bellied, lilly livered, wimp!  The now famous Australian hacker and thief, is being sought by Scotland Yard in Britain after a Swedish court indicted him on charges of rape," sexual molestation and unlawful coercion".  What a guy, huh?   Such morals, scruples, bravery are the stuff of legends!

Yesterday we commented on the American media's strange behavior towards Julian Assange.  It appeared to us as if some journalists seemed to admire him.  Today on the Bill O'Reilly show, Libertarians Judge Napolitano, and John Stossel, (both Fox news employees) along with raging left winger Allan Colmes (also a Fox News political contributor) outnumbered Mr. O'Reilly when they revealed that in their opinion Assange had not broken any laws.

It is annoying, to say the least to hear people whose opinion was previously respected, defend a cyber thief and sexual pervert.

If Julian Assange were really a man of integrity he'd come out of his rabbit hole, and stand by his convictions.  He'd be accountable for his actions and if he's found guilty of any crime, he would take like a man.  We seriously doubt he will.

As for  Pfc. Bradley Manning, who is alleged to having given Assange the classified information, he was charged on July 5 with four specifications under Article 92 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for violating Army Regulation 25-2 (Information Assurance Policy), and eight specifications under Article 134 for violating federal statutes related to the receipt of classified information (18 U.S.C. 793) and wrongful access of a government computer (18 U.S.C. 1030).

Because of his hate for America, and his actions against our country, we consider Julian Assange to be a harmful international terrorist.  Pfc. Bradley Manning, on the other hand, betrayed his country, the military, his family.  We believe that he should be tried as a traitor and receive the prescribed punishment for treason to one's country - - life in prison or the death penalty.  We believe that Sgt. Manning should be contemplating a firing squad.

Assange might think that Secretary Clinton should be contemplating resigning her office, but we feel that she has handled a very delicate situation quite effectively.  She is to be credited for tirelessly working to put out the fires initiated by Wikileaks. We would also like to hear the President himself address the issue. We do not blame Mr.Obama for Assange's actions, but the leaks happened under his watch and we deserve to know what his thoughts are in his own words,  and not just from his mouthpieces.
Other bloggers and writers do speak for themselves, as seen in the article below:

 From The Jawa Report:

December 01, 2010

Ah, Someone Really Hearts Obi One: WikiLeaks Founder Julian Assange Tells TIME: Hillary Clinton 'Should Resign'

Hillary Clinton, Julian Assange said, "should resign."

Speaking over Skype from an undisclosed location on Tuesday, the WikiLeaks founder was replying to a question by TIME managing editor Richard Stengel over the diplomatic-cable dump that Assange's organization loosed on the world this past weekend. Stengel had said the U.S. Secretary of State was looking like "the fall guy" in the ensuing controversy, and had asked whether her firing or resignation was an outcome that Assange wanted. "I don't think it would make much of a difference either way," Assange said. "But she should resign if it can be shown that she was responsible for ordering U.S. diplomatic figures to engage in espionage in the United Nations, in violation of the international covenants to which the U.S. has signed up. Yes, she should resign over that."


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