Friday, January 21, 2011


By Rich Carroll

The inspiration for my article today comes from Cathy Cruz Marrero of Reading, Pa., who, while making a public nuisance of herself trying to cell phone text and walk at the same time, fell into a shopping mall fountain. One small thrill of our “live 24/7 all video all the time” world is that Ms. Marrero’s self induced mishap was captured on video tape and has now ‘gone viral.‘ (One would assume, exacerbating the much ballyhooed ‘humiliation.‘) Cathy believes her falling into the mall fountain is someone else’s fault and she plans to “sue” because she is “offended and humiliated.” Suing what and or whom is still unclear, as her lawyer admits they are still “investigating,“ but keeping “all options open.“ If she is successful every unemployed idiot will be running to the mall; cell phone in hand! This story only gets better because we find our “humiliated,” indignant mall shopper charged five thousand dollars on a stolen credit card. Maybe she is simply trying to ’defray costs,’ but that’s pure supposition. Cathy and her moon battery machinations force me to strike-back at everyone who thinks the rest of us “owe them” and that uncomfortable emotions equate to financial gain, so here is my response to anyone like Cathy:

I am “offended and humiliated” that I have to sign 2 legal documents for a five dollar package of over-the-counter antihistamines while our foreign President allows drug smugglers to walk-across our open borders with cocaine and marijuana and calls anyone wanting these borders secured a “bigot.”

As a decorated combat veteran of the United States I am “offended” that this Muslim President and his lesbian “Homeland Security Director” call me and my brother veterans “Domestic Terrorists,” and I am “humiliated” that Barry Soetoro or Barack Hussein Obama or whatever the f…k his name is can walk in to The United States Military Academy at West Point and talk down to these fine young warriors who actually had to (unlike him) survive the thorough “vetting process” to gain admission.

I am “offended,” Cathy, that Obama (or whatever his name is) and his Muslim minions work tirelessly destroying my beloved sovereign nation. Obama’s importing 80,000 Muslims into the United States at a time when our unemployment stands at a grotesque 15 per cent “offends me.” His job killing 14 trillion dollar health fiasco “offends” me. Whom do I sue? The fact that this usurper has taken 71 days of vacation and played 55 rounds of golf in only 2 years in office is “humiliating” and highly “offensive” to me and my fellow conservatives. May I sue someone for his dereliction of duty? My personal automobile gas costs over three dollars per gallon because this Anti-American (whatever his real name is) won’t drill for oil OR build nuclear power plants to ensure America’s future needs for electricity. Will my grandchildren have power? Whom do I sue?

I am “offended” that a leftwing Bush hating pothead shot a Democrat Congresswoman and the left-wing Communist media CNN ran 80 stories on Sarah Palin from January 8 through January 16th, which is roughly nine pieces per day, during which her name was mentioned hatefully 664 times or over 70 times every 24 hours. These liberal freaks tried to tie the shooting to Sarah Palin, then had the brass to attack her for defending herself. I would think even lefties would be “humiliated” at this since their media failed to mention thief Charlie Rangel, or any number of the hateful rhetoric spewing from the mouths of Democrats. Does my humiliation (and outrage) merit litigious action? Can I expect a “payout?”

I am personally “offended” that loud mouth liberals like Catie Couric made waves asserting the United States needed a “Muslim version of ‘The Cosby Show’” to help fight off Islamophobia when Muslims have murdered hundreds of thousands of Christians and Jews in 16,546 terrorist acts in the past 9 years. Islamophobia or genuine concern for freedom and life? Of course the grossly overpaid overhyped “Perky” mouthpiece endorsed the Mosque at ground zero; something else that “offends” me. Do I get to sue anyone?

My final word to Cathy Cruz Marrero is to ‘man up, and look in the mirror.’ If you’re so humiliated, get off TV. If you want to lighten up, check out you tube, “the fountain lady.” It’s a scream. (AND I wouldn’t have even known your name or who you were if you hadn’t put yourself out there, whining.)

Also, I can explain to your attorney, “how it happened.” Hey, I’m just trying to help……… so sue me.

Rich Carroll is the author of "Orphaned Heroes" and "Terrorists' Crossing."


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