Monday, February 14, 2011

Stream of Consciousness

Our blog today was sent via email by our good friend R. E. Jimenez.   R.E.  is an author in his own right, a retired meteorologist, with a myriad of hobbies and interests, he's as concerned about the politics of the Obama administration as those of us who really care about the fate of our country.  We've decided to title this piece  "Stream of Consciousness" because he wrote it  as he sat down in anger and frustration, with no particular purpose, just letting thoughts swirl through his mind.  Aren't anger, frustration and perplexing  thoughts what cross through our minds too often these days, and don't we ask "Why?"

by R. E. Jimenez

Thoughts that run through my mind:  I am horrified that very few people see that our country is not drilling for oil domestically, that we are more and more dependent on foreign production and at the mercy of their prices.   I'm baffled that government agencies continue passing regulations that destroy business, and create unemployment, instead of seeking solutions to put Americans back to work. 

I'm astonished that the president continues to pay attention to out of control environmentalists, Communists, liberals, and religious extremists who attack our Constitution  in an  undisguised attempt to tear down the very fiber of our country.
As we continue to lead our daily lives, our country IS being destroyed. While we attend sporting events, join our friends and family at dances, dinner parties, take in a movie or pay an exorbitant amount of money to see a Broadway show, there are forces at work destroying the country as we have always known it. 

Don't you get it?  Our country,  is  being  shattered as a piece of fragile crystal, by our very own government, by corrupt politicians, by crooked businessmen (i.e. G.E., George Soros, Al Gore, and every socialist entertainer with an opinion), and we, the affected citizens do nothing.

The November 2012 elections demonstrated that the message of democracy vs. socialism can be heard.  Those who joined Tea Parties and other peaceful demonstrations proved that the people do have power and influence.  But we cannot allow that influence and that power to end on election day. 

We have to continue to redouble our efforts.  We must recruit others to join our ranks so that we can preserve our Constitution and our rights as citizens of the United States.   If it takes boycotts, we must boycott, if we must carry posters and signs to propagate our message we must do it.  

Our founding fathers left us words of wisdom and inspiration.  Remember them, USE them.  Carry the message. It was because of their dream that we became the most powerful nation in the world. 

We are a Government OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE and FOR THE PEOPLE.  Some of our elected officials have forgotten who it is they work for, and who they represent.  The time has come to remind them.     

Demand that our government and our current president stop trying to destroy our country.  We won't allow it to be demolished.

Without our production of energy  (and we have plenty of our own, oil, gas, and coal) and without nuclear power plants, they will ruin us. Foreign powers, especially the Arab countries want us dependent on them.  It gives them power over us.

We are already dependent, and in other  ways we are already severely damaged.   The ignorance, apathy, indifference and lack of spirit we see in many of our citizens is a dangerous sign.   We need Americans with passion, interest, concern, patriotism, love of country and respect for the Constitution, to  join our voices and make ourselves heard.   

We need to demonstrate our unhappiness and our dissatisfaction, not only at the polls on election day, but NOW, every day, every month and every year, until we are heard.  We can't stop until we see meaningful gains.  Get it? If this doesn't happen, we're a dead country, ruined by Communism, and by radical Muslims  and Shariah Law.

Stop thinking someone else will do it for us,  or that some miracle will appear to stop our decline.  Give up the arrogance that IT can't happen in this country.  It can happen.   It IS happening and the damage is farther along than you might think.

There is no reason in the world that truly justifies not drilling for our own oil.  It is necessary for our survival.

While the environmentalists, communists and socialists, and other radical extremists  continue to brainwash Americans into "saving the planet"  they continue to pollute and destroy it in other parts of the world. 

We're the most conscious nation in preserving our natural environment. Let China, Brazil, India, and all the others join us in the effort.  Government must stop telling us what to eat, get out of our kitchens!  Instead begin to effectively explore other sources of energy for our land.   

WE THE PEOPLE must speak up and not remain silent. 

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At February 15, 2011 at 11:28 AM , Blogger Jorge said...

Well said Raul. We know better than most people what can happen and will happen if we don't get involved. Here in Louisiana we are loosing lots and lots of jobs in the oil industry thanks to the government regulations imposed after the spill. WE have oil in abundance but we need to have the government out of the way.
Good job!
Jorge Maspons

At February 15, 2011 at 2:07 PM , Anonymous Eduardo Diharce said...

Very well done. Some how we need to tell the truth
of what can happen if we do not get involved

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