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Two Sisters From The Right are privileged to bring an original essay from contributing author Barnard Sackett we hope this is the beginning of a long and successful collaboration.  Mr.  Sackett is a wonderful writer and we echo his views and political philosophy.  We are all in search of a modern day Thomas Paine.
Two Sisters 


Time now to ask the question: what can freedom loving loyal American citizens do?

I'm sure most American will agree….…yes, our government is now willfully and intentionally blinding us all from the truth, and attempting in as many devious way as possible to take away our liberties. . As George Orwell succinctly stated: “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell the people what they do not want to hear.”

You're right. When those who seek truth are branded criminals by the government, it is only a matter of time before that government expands its criminalization labeling to include anyone who disagrees with it.

These are the seeds of tyranny, and our government is planting them at our doorstep right now.

Thomas Paine wrote in “Common Sense”, “in order to account for inevitable defects in moral virtue, (there is the need) to form a government”. However, “success of a government is to be judged by the extent to which it fulfills its role. The will of representatives (must be) aligned with that of the people” Such is definitely not the case in today’s America.

I’ll tell you what I believe should happen. What we need now is our own modern day Thomas Paine. Someone who is not running for any kind of office. Not running for political gain. Not running for personal glory. Not running to increase his bottom line. That particular someone who must stand above all the political rhetoric and gobbledygook.

We need that special someone who will travel the width and breadth of this country and preach democracy. Freedom of speech and of the press. . Complete transparency in government. That very someone should be imbued with the confidence and clarity of vision to point out to the masses, they as individuals, must restore their own common sense and good judgment in vetting political hacks running for power in the government.

This special Thomas Paine must unerringly possess the courage to maintain the mental and moral strength to venture, persevere and withstand danger, and to have no fear to face the harranging and insulting opposition while unconditionally expressing his views without any fear or restrictions.

He must possess that inner strangth and courage and the empowerment of steely determination to deliver the beliefs of all Americans with the true values for what America has always stood for and must for stand again. A Thomas Paine who can, once again, bring about a government of the people, by the people and for the people. And not for the personal egos and deep pockets of political hacks creeping into the under belly of our great nation, ignoring our nation of laws, checks and balances, as well as truth, honesty and transparency in fulfilling their duties on behalf of all citizens.

This very special Thomas Paine must be able to encourage any American who has a complaint, to let him gather with like minds into their town halls. Let them gather before the docile press, before television cameras and the internet and vocalize with heart and deep conviction of their concerns in remaining free in a free country under God. Ruling oligarchs have utter contempt for the average American but they fear the masses. Such demonstrations of blatant truth will eventually reach the pages in the press and in the commentaries of journalists.

Yes, we must choose our new Thomas Paine. A man who is believable in what he says, and will back up what he intones. Our country cries out for that Thomas Paine. A true red blooded American citizen who believes in God, country, freedom of speech and from censorship and in our democratic values of "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness". At the expense of no one.. A Thomas Paine who can urge, persuade and guide the way for the public to stand up and be counted. Each moment should be considered an election day - to constantly imbue the spirit of our freedom by acting whenever the time is appropriate. No American should be bulldozed into accepting any new laws contrary to their beliefs. Our American citizens are not to be overridden by personal political ambitions of the very few we elected to do what is right for all people.

If there can be a million man march by Hispanics and Afro-Americans…..our Thomas Paine could organize monthly multi- million man marches of all Americans holding demonstrations throughout the land and especially in Washington. Let the Liberty Bell of our Independence ring loud and clear.

Here now is a chance for today’s Thomas Paine, to rescue America for the benefit of all mankind from a developing regime that is fraught with danger of slipping into an abyss of no return.

Tyranny is not a seven letter lucky word.



GOD Bless Us All, America and Tiny Tim

P.S. As a starter, we, the citizens of this great nation should organize ourselves (like the unions) and pick a day (probably a holiday) when the entire outraged nation can turn out and encircle every State's capitol building in the nation, as well as the White House, with a showing of such discontent it can't be ignored. A citizen's itemized referendum should be nailed to the door (just like an eviction notice), with a demand for accountability by resignations, replacement elections, and a contract of commitment for every new replacement representative from the White House down, to either achieve the people's referendum in their first term, or resign. That referendum should include: "flat tax" rates, closed borders, repeal of oppressive and ineffective legislation, a review of the constitutionality of the current Judicial Branch of the government, and an economic plan to get out of debt, grow businesses in the US, revamp the social security system immediately, replenishing funds so it can recover in some privatized format that makes sense for aging Americans without means.

The following thought that cannot be repeated enough:

Ruling oligarchs have utter contempt for the average American, but they fear the masses. Our modern day Thomas Paine must arouse the masses to storm the American Bastille. Washington!

Copyright -2011   Barnard L. Sackett

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