Monday, September 12, 2011

America's Victimhood - Pandering to Islamic Ideology

By Rich Carroll

Everyone has seen their share of “in remembrance” television these past two weeks commemorating 3,000 dead Americans on September 11, 2001. ALL of these shows were careful not to mention the words “Islamic extremists” because ALL of America appears to be afraid to say “The deaths on 911 and all of those since, in nearly 18,000 Jihad terrorist attacks, are rooted in the ideology of the Islamic Qur'an where followers are instructed 109 times to kill infidels and Jews.”
The media was careful not to show the millions of Muslims dancing in the streets of Jakarta, Cairo, Tehran, Baghdad, Beirut, Damascus and Dearborn on the morning of 911. Were these tens of millions of Muslims the non-peaceful ones? We are too smart as a nation to not grasp this simple concept, we are merely too cowardly to say it. And speaking of cowards, New York's metaphor for “human coward,” Mayor, Michael Bloomberg is the contact when Mohammedans need to rub our faces in their dirt.

When Islam needs a mosque at Ground Zero to commemorate their victory they call Mike. Want to clog New York traffic and pray to Allah? Call Bloomberg. Do you need a location to hold your tri-state Islamic Conference to lay-out plans for your continued take-over of the United States? Bloomberg will arrange that for you.

Americans watched national television on the evening of September 8, when Bloomberg told us “New York is under threat of attack by factions within Al Qaeda.” He sounded almost apologetic. New Yorkers are now used to the inconveniences of snarled traffic, bridge checkpoints and train station bag searches. Who caused this? Islam! And no, you don't need to apologize for their murderous behavior.
One wonders if New Yorkers (lead by this surrendering buffoon Bloomberg) would have asked on December 8, 1941, “What did we do to make the Japanese mad at us?” I can hear Bloomberg and his followers now: “Most Japanese are peaceful; it was their extremist faction that bombed Pearl Harbor.”
The ONLY time these past two weeks we heard anyone say “let's get those son of bitches” was Obama union pal James Hoffa wanting to kill tens of millions of Tea Party Americans. How ironic.

Unfortunately, like Bloomberg, the United States is too mired in a politically correct mind-set to invoke meaningful security measures. Every aspect of our security is a smoke-screen to satisfy the public while offending no one but those obviously innocent passengers with invasive scrutiny while ignoring profiling methods used by other countries.
Our borders are a sieve and we still haven't prosecuted the perpetrators of 911. Who are we kidding? The sorrow that lingers around the edges of your life, etching itself on your face for all to see isn't fear, it's anger knowing that your great nation is led by losers too cowardly to say “Islam is at war with us and their WILL to succeed is stronger than ours.”
I highly recommend that before you start apologizing to a Muslim about the United States of America, please read the 2005 FBI report on “Mosques in America,” disclosing that 75% preach anti-American hatred. Start asking yourself questions. Begin with “if Muslims are peaceful why do they read the same Qur'an that dictates death to Americans that radical terrorists read,” and, if their holy book made these terrorists become radical, who is to say it will not create more radicals (like Nadal Hassan?). Until you are prepared to refocus on the truth; “who is our real enemy?” we the people will continue to be held hostage by the Islamic faith.
This is not the American spirit! You are better than this. Your ancestors and founders did not build our free nation for you to meekly surrender to a murdering cult.
If you really want to do something to honor those people who died on 911, stand up to the ideology that murdered them. In a recent Pew Research Survey, only 48 per cent of Americans said relations between Muslims and Westerners was poor. This number was 55 per cent immediately following 911. Conversely, when Muslims living in the Palestinian Territory, Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt and Indonesia are polled, up to 72 per cent say relations between Muslims and Westerners is poor.

You are smart people who do not need an expository writer to tell you the obvious, nor do you need a coward politician to tell you “most Muslims are peaceful.” This is a lie. Islam is a medieval theocratic movement that cannot live side-by-side with our democratic principles and institutions.

Copyright 2011 - Rich Carroll

Rich Carroll is the author of the book "Terrorists' Crossing" about a novel about our border with Mexico, and "Orphaned Heroes" about his experiences in Vietnam. He is a frequent contributor to Two Sisters From The Right.



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