Sunday, November 21, 2010

Islam's "Trojan Horse"

Artist's rendition of "Park 51"

Park 51, a multi story "Muslim Community Center" which is planned to be built only a couple of blocks from the former World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, was originally named Cordoba House.  The name has obviously been changed because opponents believed it to be a victory memorial to Islam, after the success of the September 11, 2001 attacks.  Cordoba was a Christian city in Spain which was conquered by the Muslims during their 8th to 11th century occupation of Spain.  We at Two Sisters From The Right are in accord with all those who oppose what has come to be known as "The Ground Zero Mosque."  In spite of protests that the proposed building would be an insult to the memory of all who died as a result of the 9/11 attacks by Muslim extremists, plans to continue with the construction are in effect.  We thank author Rich Carroll for presenting his perspective on the subject, a perspective with which we agree. 

Islam's "Trojan Horse"

Under Construction in New York

By Rich Carroll

The Obama administration, his minions, and the folks over at (wait, that is the White House) must be positively giddy over “Park 51” (and formerly the Cordoba House) moving forward with plans to become the “Mosque de Triomph” of 911; a monument to the massacre of 3,000 infidels and Jews 9 years ago smack-dab in New York City.

Despite overwhelming public opposition to the mosque’s construction, Barack Hussein Obama, in his continual ambivalence about whether America and Americans have historically been a force for good or evil in the world, endorsed the construction of this mosque. In other words, a few of us don’t care what Americans want and don’t want; we’re going to bow-down to Islam anyway. Forget the national outrage; our “Commander in Chief” doesn’t like us very much. If you don’t believe this, listen to him. Listen to his continual apologies for the United States and his snide remarks about our great historical accomplishments. The move to endorse this mosque was applauded by the New York Civil Liberties Union and American Civil Liberties Union, both communist motivated groups. Isn’t that nice?

This story isn’t nearly over.

Liberal lunatics believe that anyone protesting against Islam or this mosque should be silenced and the problem of radical Islam will disappear. In their rush to embrace Islam, liberals have created an atmosphere in which Islamists can operate. The militant radical Islamic group, Revolution Muslim, based in New York, must be either licking their chops or laughing themselves silly at how liberals (Democrats) pave-the-way for evil. Are you reading me Mayor Bloomberg? Disguised as a “community center” this 16 story edifice to death will become Sharia Finance center, and a hide-a-way for Islamic terrorist fund raising groups. They will accomplish all of this with our blessing. Liberals, armed with some bird brained idea that terrorism is a distant threat in far-away Afghanistan and Pakistan and a complete absence of an acknowledgement of the ideology behind the threat, are giving Muslims the center stage to destroy us.

In their liberal ideology that it is possible to pick-up feces by the clean end, any future discussions about the “Mosque at ground zero” are verboten. Notice how quiet the media is on this topic? Ok, wrong word; SILENT! If you don’t mention it in the news, public outcry will simply go away!

The insanity continues: Janet Napalitano is considering allowing Muslim women to pat themselves down at airport security checkpoints. Correct me, but aren’t muslims the reason we spend $640 BILLION a year on airport security? Is this Homeland Security proposition like giving the Fox the key to the hen house?

It’s past time to cut the crap and for John Q. Public to step to the plate on the Muslim tail wagging America. Put your foot down! Islam keeps asking for things because we keep giving them whatever they wish. Where is that famous uniquely American ingredient called “guts?”

We’ve sat idly by and watched our borders being overrun by millions of illegals, and then tolerated sanctuary cities which protect them, and idiotic court decisions which grant them such things as driver’s licenses, bank accounts and in-state tuition breaks at colleges. We’ve watched the pro-Muslim pro-Illegal administration file suit against the State of Arizona for wanting to protect their borders and by doing so protect their American citizens. This is outrageous on a global scale! We’ve watched many of our state governments imploding because we allowed socialist/Marxists to bloat budgets with unaffordable illegal “benefits.” We sit while Barack Hussein Obama gives a billion U.S. tax dollars to support HAMAS, one of the world’s largest murderers of Christians and Jews. We are quiet when Obama agrees to import 80,000 Gaza refugees into the United States (where will they live and work?) We are quiet while this foreign anti-American in our Oval Office degrades Christians and lauds Muslims. We have allowed this same person to incite racial divide with his continual racism remarks, and now we sit quietly as Barack Hussein Obama and his Muslim minions in the Department of Justice bend-over backwards to increase their (our) monetary support of Islamic intent; here, abroad, and in the United Nations.

The time is now for YOU to show some spunk. Reinvest yourself as a “unique American” and shout these people down. Write your Congressman and Senator and tell them YOU DO NOT WANT YOUR MONEY GOING TO PROVIDE SPECIAL MEALS AND CONSIDERATIONS FOR CHRISTIAN MURDERING MUSLIMS. When your “elected representative” is quite aware you are at the end of your patient rope, they will act in your interests.

Speak up now and fight back, or Islam will eat your beloved United States one bite at a time.

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