Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Behind Enemy Lines

We had a blog prepared for today which followed our theme of recognizing the other blogs we like to read.  However, this article came our way today and we felt that we must publish it "tout de suite."

Author Rich Carroll is a Vietnam veteran, a former publisher and current author.  He has spent more years studying Islam than anyone else whom we personally know.  In our previous Two Sisters From The Right blog we always featured this quote by Abraham Lincoln:  "America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves."

As we read and hear the news about continued attempts to attack the United States by American born or naturalized Muslims, we know that in spite of the last 9 years of fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq, the war has come to us at home. Our destruction has begun from within.

No one knows more about being "Behind Enemy Lines" than "El Tee,"  a.k.a. Rich Carroll. 

Behind Enemy Lines
By Rich Carroll

Each morning I wake up wondering, like tens of millions of other Americans across this great country, what has this Barack Hussein Obama administration done overnight to destroy my nation? Has this radical extremist, anti-white, anti-American pro-Muslim President given Arizona and Texas back to Mexico? Did he give Manhattan back to the Indians overnight? Has he cut some deal with the Muslim controlled United Nations to impede one of my Constitutional freedoms while I slept? You never know. This is the week Obama’s 80,000 imported Gaza Muslims begin arriving in the United States to be added to our welfare and unemployment rolls.

Is Washington a secondary foe working in concert with Islam as the agent of a dystopian new world order? Liberals will say that Obama’s ascendancy unhinged the radical right, offering a unified target to competing camps of racial, nativist and religious animus. Leftist lunatics will tell you right wing anger is based upon Obama’s black skin. I will tell you our anger is based upon Obama’s daily actions to degrade and destroy the sovereign United States of America. He degrades our fine military and admonishes this nation’s accomplishments and our pride in success.

Actions DO speak louder than the color of your skin.

My close friends and I have been behind enemy lines in Vietnam. We can watch and listen and communicate with hand signals as we did once upon a time, and the hair on the back of our collective necks raises because we have learned to KNOW when we are being hunted, and we aren’t the only ones. Last year there were 42 antigovernment militias in the United States. Today there are 137. Ohio alone has 400 members state-wide in the private militia Ohio Defense Force. Are these right-wing groups like Barack Hussein Obama’s close personal friend Bill Ayers who bombed 12 federal buildings? No. These groups are concerned about the nutballs like Bill Ayers and his Muslim and communist friends running America; expanding groups as Americans raised with a sense of our history now speak with a vengeance and “liberation energies” directed at this cesspool of “globalists” and foreigners running our country.

The year was 1934 when Adolph Hitler was proclaimed Time Magazine’s “Man of the Year.” The lefties at Time praised this barbarian for being “the best political leader in the world and a charismatic public speaker.” Two years later, 8 million German children had taken an oath of loyalty to this “charismatic speaker.” Adolph’s personal records were sealed, and even today we know little about his family and personal life. Sound familiar?

There is more.

Confiscated Jewish wealth would fund 30 per cent of Germany’s entire war expense. Hitler felt Jews owed him all of their wealth, so he took it and those who weren’t kicked out of the Third Reich were slaughtered in concentration camps. We are facing a similar “nuanced situation” today as leftists want the state (not your relatives) to take your wealth when you die.

Betrayal - impoverish - destroy, the three elements we assign to the history of Adolph Hitler, and all because of his “one shining moment” when he captivated an entire nation with his gallant rhetoric. Betrayal - impoverish - destroy; three words that guide the decisions of this charlatan president as he “stands with the Muslims,” and fails to develop energy independence and national security. The rest of the world develops mining fossil fuels and nuclear power plants and we do not. Why not?

We are the most insecure energy dependent nation on Earth and American’s are fed up. We cannot afford a Health Care Bill that will impoverish our children and ruin the best medical care system on the planet. Why is it being purposely destroyed? We cannot afford to support the massive floods of illegal aliens into America. Why is this being allowed to continue?

Betrayal - impoverish - destroy; you are living behind enemy lines now. The tens of millions of Americans who are aware of how dire our situation has grown have purchased guns and ammunition and survival supplies at the greatest rate of any time in our history.

Prepare yourselves; we are purposely being destroyed….behind enemy lines.

The author may be reached at: 


At December 29, 2010 at 7:16 PM , Blogger Lynn said...

Hello Rich,

Thank you for continuing to sound the warning. We are definitely awake and preparing at our house. It makes me sick to my stomach and heart, that we are having to. Living paycheck to paycheck makes preparation difficult but we are trying little by little, to stock up.
I just pray that more and more Americans will wake up daily and join our righteous cause. And like King David often prayed in the Psalms with regards to enemies - I pray God will SMITE THEM and utterly destroy those who oppose Him and have evil intent for their fellow man.


At December 30, 2010 at 8:56 AM , Anonymous Steve Bussey said...

Once again Rich Carroll nails it as few can. I'm honored to know people like our two sisters herre, and Rich Carroll.

At December 30, 2010 at 9:53 PM , Anonymous said...

Rich thanks again for your insight to our dangerous position in the USA. People keep saying they hope Americans wake up and do what is right for our country. So far I have seen no signs of anyone being awake. Republicans had Obama in their pocket and caved into to him. He got everything he wanted. We need some stong leaders and I for one see nothing but the same old Republicans doing the same old things over and over. We screwed up before and we got Obama if we screw up now we will never recover. I am afraid, very afraid. Buying and storing ammo is not going to help us. Speaking up loudly and clearly and not giving in is the only way to bring America back to her God given place in this world. Without America everything is lost.

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