Monday, December 20, 2010

Go Home, Already!

December 20, 2010, there are only 4 shopping days left till Christmas!  Most Americans who celebrate the Christian holiday are excitedly preparing for the 25th.  The smell of Christmas is in the air.  Cookies, pies, candy and all sorts of Christmas delights are being prepared.  Gifts are wrapped and colorful lights decorate many homes. T's the season to be jolly.  T's the season to rejoice for the blessing of Christmas -- the birth of our Saviour, Jesus Christ!

Then why are we not all celebrating with joy?  Why do we feel anxiety in the air?  We believe it is because of the uncertainty that permeates our lives.  It has been difficult to write about something that truly excites us as a nation.  Personally, we all have our beliefs, and our own reasons to count our blessings, but as a country we are ambivalent and often doubtful about our future. We see the politicians in D.C. working over time, through the Christmas holidays,  trying to pass, and in some case succeeding, legislation that affects us all.  It makes one wish they'd all just go to their home states and leave well enough alone until the new Congress is seated in 2011.  But the lame duck Congress has other plans.

Those of us who voted with such enthusiasm on November 2, wonder if the new Republican majority in the House, and the added numbers in the Senate will really be able to put a stop to Obama's runaway agenda.  In Barack Hussein Obama we have a man who is intent on changing the United States of America as we've always known it.  His compromise with the GOP on the extension of tax cuts was a political ploy, no more, no less.  Although some of his left wing political base have expressed dissatisfaction with his administration, he has managed in recent days to regain the approval of the independent voters on whom he must count to win reelection in 2012.  His appearing to be a reasonable man, and perhaps moving more to the center appeals to many.

As the new Congress is sworn in, they must remember at all times that Barack Hussein Obama came to power with a very explicit agenda, which is very far to the left to what we Americans are accustomed.  In his desire to transform our country to fit in with his socialist "paradise," he will use every means at his disposal to have his way.  Most of us fear that he will attempt to expand the use of executive  orders, and he will make deals as he did with the "hostage takers" in order to succeed.  He will try to convince the middle class that he has our best interests at heart.  We don't buy his altruism.

It was rather amusing a few days ago, watching Neil Cavuto interviewing former NYC mayor Ed Koch.  When asked what he thought about the latest happenings between the Congress and the White House, Mr. Koch appeared perplexed.  We thought it particularly clever, and very insightful when he said something to the effect that he was baffled by Obama's reference to Sen. McConnell as "Mitch," when he'd hardly spoken a word to the man in the last 18 months.  This is an example of what we can expect in the coming months. 

Obama won't be as heavy handed as he has been during the first part of his administration, but he will be disingenuous and guileful.  Republicans had better be on the lookout for Obama's duplicitous ways.  That is part of how he works, and the videos are there to prove that he frequently says one thing and then does another.  Obama has already extended his executive powers and will attempt to do so even more.  The incoming Republican majority needs to have a strategy in place to prevent him from accomplishing his goals and ignoring the will of the people. We will hold them accountable, and hold them to their campaign promises.

So we count the days till Christmas, and we count the days till 2011.  Many of us do so with heavy hearts.  Those of us who've been privileged to live through America's wonderful periods of  growth, contentment and patriotism long for those days again.   As we enter a new year, we have much to ponder. We cannot let down our guard.  The American people have spoken, and it remains to be seen if Barack Hussein Obama has truly heard us, or pretends to do so, only to ignore our cries.  Some of us are very pessimistic about our future, and others of us try to see the glass half full. 

During our nightly reading we were pleased to find the following parody written by William Kristol, editor of The Weekly Standard.  Mr. Kristol, a Jew, is not afraid to wish all a Merry Christmas.  He has humorously analyzed the last few days in Washington.  He made us smile, and gave us a little ray of optimism for the coming year. 


’Twas the week before Christmas, and all through the House
The liberals were stirring, and boy did they grouse!
While earmarks were hung on the Reid bill with care
In hopes that the public would not see them there,
The “rich folks” were nestled all snug in their bed—
In hopes they’d be spared, like the president said—
While Nancy in kerchief and Bernie in cap
Were hunting for corpses that Congress could tap.

So the week before Christmas there came the big test:
Did liberals still have the power to best
The public and almost the whole GOP,
Or had they been routed?—yes, that’s what we’d see.
The tax cutters crushed all the Dems in their way,
And the omnibus crashed like a blown-out soufflé.
In the end, we discovered, elections do matter—
And so does a public that makes a loud clatter.

A tax cut for Christmas is mighty surprisin’,
With nary an earmark to cloud the horizon—
Obamacare’s reeling, there’s progress in ’Stan,
It’s important next year that we stick with the plan.
By then we’ll have entered the era of Boehner:
Our pocketbooks fuller, our politics saner.
We’ll even buy beers for the lib’ruls to cry in
When they see the budget from Chairman Paul Ryan.

So The Standard exclaims, with the future so bright:
“Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!”

—William Kristol


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