Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011


As we watched the news this morning and heard the reports of the blizzards in New York and New Jersey, it brought to mind our childhood New Year's Eve celebrations.  As we grew older, we left the state of New Jersey, and since then have had many other NewYear's Eve celebrations away from home.  Back then, though, there were just the five of us, Dad, Mom, our younger brother, and we, The Two Sisters.

We can't quite recall when it was decided that we were old enough to join in the New Year's Eve celebrations, and didn't have to go to bed early.  After dinner, Mom began to get everything ready.  We always followed the Spanish tradition of eating twelve grapes at midnight.  One for luck for each month of the year.  Our grandfather was from Asturias, Spain, and we also had Asturian cider.  As the table was set waiting for midnight, Dad turned on our black and white television set and we always watched Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians  playing to an affluent audience at the Waldorf Astoria. We also watched the crowd gather at Times Square.

Our biggest thrill though, was being allowed to stay up late and watch the ball come down at Times Square in Manhattan.  When the ball flashed the new year, Guy Lombardo and his band struck up "Auld Lang Syne." The five of us hugged and kissed and wished each other a Happy New Year.

Those days are now gone.  Mom and Dad are gone too.  We three children live thousands of miles away from each other in different states, we have our own families and traditions, and are never together for New Year's Eve.  But one thing remains with us all,  and it is the wonderful memories of days gone by, and the anticipation that a new year brings to us all. 

The New Year is always celebrated with a new baby symbolizing a new beginning.  We have our very own baby this year as Sister Two's second grandson was born on December 22.

We wish all of you, our fellow Americans, a new beginning in 2001.  Just as we have reminisced about the past, let us remember those who went before us, our founding fathers, whose vision made the United States of America the greatest nation, ever.

We pray for our military, past, present and future.

We pray for our  families, our nation, and may God be with and  guide the new Senators and Representatives as they are sworn in during the coming days.  May they live up to their promises and ideals.

We pray for our country and its citizens.  May we return to days of prosperity. 

May we attain Peace.

May God Bless America.

Guy Lombardo's Orchestra playing "Old Lang Syne"


At December 31, 2010 at 11:20 AM , Blogger said...

What a beautiful ending to the Old Year, Sister One! It brought back old memories! Heading over to the kids for New Year's Eve and will bring the grapes!! Love ya!!

Sister Two

At December 31, 2010 at 11:39 AM , Blogger Lynn said...

AMEN! Thank you for sharing the memories. And oh, how I echo your prayer. Lord, hear us and answer from heaven. Be our hope and our help and heal our land.

I'm thankful for the friendships that Alice brought into my life through the email group. We are all different, as diverse and unique as snowflakes - yet united hearts filled with love for our country and concern for her continued well being. We are fellow Americans! And those four words say so much!

Happy New Year and God bless us as we seek His face in the days to come.

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