Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Ship of Fools

By Rich Carroll

Anyone who has read Katherine Anne Porter’s 1962 book Ship of Fools will be amazed at how accurately she used the characters aboard a cruise ship bound for Germany in 1931 to parallel present-day United States. This novel, like America’s political winds of today, is an intense experience for which everyone emerges forever changed.

Our “ship” today is riding in a perfect storm: Steered by politicians not for the benefit of its crew, but for capital accumulation for a small group driven by stupidity and corruption. The stupidity of the policy decisions of government and the head-in-the-sand approach to fiscal management and regulation (particularly in the banking and property development sectors and the lack of accountability, transparency and prosecution of those defrauding the state). Corruption has been allowed to flourish and even now in the depths of financial crisis are still at work. Corrupt banks have been bailed out.

Blame our weak civic morality and underdeveloped system of political governance, and an electoral system that encourages corruption. Blame our weak personal morality on allowing this system to continue; the same lame morality that praises a continually incarcerated Lindsay Lohan and could care less that Iran has moved missiles into Venezuela that can reach the United States. In our relaxed morality stupor, our cultural barometer is our children who now rank 23rd in the world in education excellence; the same children who are doped, drugged, tattooed, misdirected, unfit, and unloved.

In our stupidity we are the culture that allows Caucasian grandma’s to be strip-searched at airports and give Middle East Muslims a pass on security. Al Qaeda has announced they can and will easily bomb an airport in the United States not at the gate where security is the best, but at the curb where hundreds of people are checking baggage and no one notices the suitcase with 100 pounds of explosives. Yes, we are the victims of ourselves, like those passengers aboard Katherine Porter’s Ship of Fools.

What became of the genuinely unique American spirit and verve? Has it been swallowed in the ocean of twitters and ipods? Americans yawn when Muslims target American soldiers on American soil. The Fort Hood massacre has faded from view; so has the New York mosque. Where is the national outrage over our porous borders and a leadership that would steal your families inheritance because they think the “state” is entitled to it? In our RUSH to embrace global immigration we rush to loose our independent sovereignty. In our RUSH to be politically correct we have placed a foreign muslim in the Oval Office of our White House; one who is so disenfranchised from America he did not know our nation’s motto is “In God We Trust;” the same foreigner who tells audiences “Islam was instrumental in the development of the United States,” and is importing 80,000 Gaza Muslim refugees here as Americans wonder where these Christian haters will live and work? Surprising is that anyone would continue to believe this foreign charlatan President has the best interests of the United States in mind when he openly states “We will totally change America and the economic system.” He works diligently to collapse the American free enterprise system of capitalism.

You, individually, and We, collectively, need to get off this Ship of Fools immediately or we will leave our grandchildren what the passengers aboard Katherine Porter’s book were headed for: A nation ruled by a maniacal tyrant. We must stop voting for politicians because “they are cute,” or “they are black,” or “they are rich,” and we must investigate these politicians BEFORE we vote for them. American cannot survive if we continue to place communists, infidel hating Muslims and gangsters in decision making positions. We must (as our forefathers did so well) be sure those responsible for our nation are of the highest moral and ethical character and standards.

Help save your Republic. Become active and LOUD. The days of malaise and inaction and inactivity are over if you want to preserve this Republic for your heirs. Get this trash out of our government, and KEEP THEM OUT.

© Rich Carroll 2010


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