Friday, December 10, 2010

Taxes and Scuffles

IBD Editorials has really hit the ball out of the park with these phenomenal essays.  We'd rather feature them here in case some of you don't have them earmarked as your favorite reading.  Two Sisters From The Right echoes the sentiments of the writers of these two editorials.  We just simply could not have expressed it any better.

IBD Editorials
Taxing our Patience

Posted 12/09/2010 07:05 PM ET

Stimulus: Furious with President Obama for making a deal with Republicans, Democrats have hit on a new reason for supporting economy-killing tax hikes: the deficit. This would be funny if it weren't so tragic.

'Tax Cut Plan Digs Deeper Deficit Hole," roared a front-page Los Angeles Times headline Thursday, echoing growing sentiment among Washington Democrats.

Unfortunately, it's wrong in both substance and implication — and so are all the Democratic congressmen shedding crocodile tears over the the rest here>>>>

The Perspective below, from the editors of IBD Editorials, also appeared in today's edition.  Watching the Liberal Democrats pathetic behavior on television is not even amusing.  It is just astounding that there are actually Americans who swallow that swill, let alone believe it.  We suggest that those who support the Democrats, or Liberals or Progressives, whatever one chooses to call them,  do a reality check.  Don't let resentment, or ideological differences with Conservative Republicans allow you to believe that these people are using logical reasoning.

By 2012, Only Rubble May Remain From The Obama Landslide Of '08

Posted 12/09/2010 07:05 PM ET
As earthshaking as they were, last month's election results could be just a tremor compared with the quake that could take place in 2012. No clearer picture can be seen of the effect of this year's jolt than in the presidential electoral map.

Suddenly 2008 seems much more removed than just two years. Obama won then by the largest margin of any Democratic presidential candidate since 1964. Still, his popular-vote margin of victory was just six percentage points. the article continues here>>>>

In a previous editorial we quoted George W. Bush as he told about the   great differences he found between the Democrats in D.C. and those in Texas.  He was speaking about bipartisanship.  Mr. Obama has had a fairly easy presidency until the election of November 2010.  He was working with a Democrat majority in both the House and the Senate who loved to push their weight around. Greedily, they worked right along with him and his Socialist agenda.  But the results of the midterm elections have changed the equation.  Mr. Obama no longer has the majority to help him push through unpopular bills such as Obamacare, which completely disregarded the wishes of the American people. 

Prior to becoming president, Obama had very little governing experience.  He was one of the least prepared candidates to ever achieve the office.  He is now showing his political immaturity and lack of experience, and he is shocked at the revolting Democrats. (Pun intended)  Today he called in former President Bill Clinton for advice.  Clinton himself faced a midterm election which changed the balance of power and he was successfully re elected.  Obama finds himself in a very uneasy and strange position.  "The One" is now being attacked by the hard left who supported him all the way into the presidency.

When they turned on him for dealing with the Republicans, an angry Obama took to the podium and called the Republicans "hostage takers" and the hostages were "America's middle class."  In the same speech he hit back at his critics in the Democratic party and warned them against becoming too "ideologically pure" and self satisfied.

We have a few days before the Bush Tax Cuts expire. This really only means that our tax rates will increase once again to what they were before President Bush was elected.  If allowed to expire, the results to the economy will be catastrophic.  Backed into a corner, Obama had to agree to a compromise.  Not all Conservatives are satisfied with the agreement, but the Democrats, led by the malevolent Nancy Pelosi, and the avaricious Harry Reid,  will threaten until the very end.  Those two would sell their souls to the Devil himself for a political victory.

 It will be interesting to continue watching developments in Washington D.C., but we must confess, it warms our conservative hearts to see the arrogant Democrats at odds with one another for a time at least!


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