Saturday, December 4, 2010

So, Washington Wants to Create Jobs?

By Rich Carroll
Dec 4, 2010

I realize our professional, lifelong politicians have been so disconnected from real America for so long (and lack the knowledge of how capitalism works), I will offer some valid suggestions to cut into that nasty 10 per cent unemployment figure. Fasten your chin straps.
The foreigner in the Oval Office you bureaucrats call “Mr. President” gave global terrorist organization, HAMAS, $1.45 billion dollars this year. Evidently, Hamas can’t raise enough money to buy guns and ammunition to kill more Christians and Jews, so our Muslim “President” will assist them. Give ME the $1.45 billion and I’ll use it to advance the growth and science of algae to provide oil and electricity and put thousands of people into new jobs. $1.45 billion could train several thousand people to become brick layers, carpenters, steel workers, welders and electricians.

Since 1991, Washington idiots have spent $290 BILLION taxpayer dollars on federal pork projects; monies that could have been used to hire and TRAIN a new generation of workers in NEW GENERATIONS of industries. During the same period you morons gave-away $475 BILLION taxpayer dollars in foreign aid; things like $1 million for a bronze statue in Senegal and a cool $800,000 on a program boldly focused on teaching uncircumcised Africans how to wash their penis. Is Senegal’s need of a statue so extreme or is the blight of unwashed African genitalia more compelling than American needs here at home, where people are losing homes, hopes and dreams? Shame on you. These monies could produce real jobs and a real future for the country that pays your salary, the United States of America.

On top of our current economic crisis and high unemployment, Barack Hussein Obama has agreed to import 80,000 Gaza Muslim refugees to the United States. Are you people totally insane? Where will these non-English speaking illegals live and work? Once again, Washington chooses to use and abuse already suffering Americans when OUR money, energy and resources should be re-directed to provide for OUR OWN urgent needs.

Give me the money spent on lavish vacations for the Prince and Princess Obama and I promise to use every penny creating jobs. The $7.6 million you blew on transporting her Highness Nancy Pelosi back-and-forth to work? That kind of money will hire engineers to train skilled workers who will be immediately employed reinvigorating our economy.

Evidently, our trough-feeders in Washington heretofore called Congressmen and Senators have forgotten the history of the WPA, the Works Progress Administration started in 1939 that trained millions of Americans during the depression and got them back to work building this nation. Good for Americans individually, good for us COLLECTIVELY. Today, you can still see and experience bridges, roads, waterways and myriad other projects built by men who only wanted a job and were given the chance by the WPA. We need that again now, and could easily support it if the bureaucrats stopped giving our money away to people who hate us. Money spent on foolish unproductive PORK projects could and should be re-directed to training an unemployed work force in industries from growing new foods from our oceans to training construction workers to build power plants, refineries and roads to carry us into the next century.

It’s time to think “America first!” or step-aside and a politician who WILL put American first can take your place. Instead, it appears “business as usual” reigns supreme among our “lawmakers” who don’t know anything but to waste precious taxpayer money: The bill to eliminate “earmarks” from future bills was defeated. The beat of “what got us here” will continue. God help us!

You fools have allowed unabated illegal immigration into our nation placing the incalculable burden upon American taxpayers. These countless hundreds of billions supporting illegal invaders could be used to develop entire new industries.

Where are your priorities? As 2 million Americans face the loss of jobless benefits, you were busy approving a $4.6 billion payout to black farmers and American Indians over “hurt feelings.” While hundreds of freezing Americans lined up in Georgia to obtain government assistant for heating their homes, Congress was passing a bill that would prevent advertisers from raising the volume on TV ads.

 Stop your insanity and get back to keeping the main thing the MAIN THING: America and Americans first.

The brainpower at our National Aeronautical and Space Administration should not be spent on making Muslims feel good. Use this brain trust on our oceans for new sources of food and medicine.

For America to survive this (and the coming) financial crisis, leaders and lawmakers must step to the plate and redirect foolish expenditures on one goal: Job creation.

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At December 4, 2010 at 8:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've wondered for a long time why a Democrat administration hasn't thought about the WPA and the many jobs that were created. Thank you for reminding them.

At December 5, 2010 at 9:22 AM , Blogger said...

Yesterday there were discussions on Fox News about the need for government intervention in the news media. Apparently freedom of the press is cramping their style by pointing out their lavish expenditures and their failure to prioritize America's interests. The founding fathers must be turning over in their graves at the sight of such incompetence and disregard for the will of the people!


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