Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Day After

January 26, 2011, the day after Barack Obama's second State of the Union address.  There was  really no getting away from it.  Every station on television was discussing it.  Pundits, writers, just regular every day citizens had something to say about it.  "It was the best speech he ever made!" some said, "It was so boring that I fell asleep," said others.  Our online friends discussed it, husbands and wives talked about it, and there were so many mixed feelings and emotions that we just wanted to put it behind us.

Kevin Jackson
Author of The Big Black Lie

However, we've become quite the fans of Kevin Jackson, writer of the Blacksphere, one of the blogs that we recomment on our site.  Kevin Jackson is not only intelligent and perceptive, he also has a marvelous sense of humor.  We weren't going to write anymore about the abysmal SOTU of 2011, but after reading this blog we just had to share it.  We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did, and we encourage you to visit The Blacksphere, often. With this post we'll rest on our commentaries of the State of the Union Address.  The words have been spoken.  Let the action begin!

Obama said he wants to find “common ground.” This country was not built on “common ground.” This country was built because of the oppression of the people by a tyrannical government, and nothing’s changed. In fact, the government is immensely more tyrannical today, than it was when the country was founded.

When Obama won, it was “on like a chicken bone!” Democrats were happier than clams at high tide; rubbing it in, practically DARING people to say they hadn’t voted for Obama. It was the OJ verdict all over again. Obama proclaimed, “I won.” Later he reinforced “That’s what elections are for.” He was right. Elections are for kicking a bully’s boney ass, then taking HIS lunch money. In our case, we would just be getting our money back.

Previous administrations may have fondled us, but in comparison, the Obama administration is a serial rapist. It doesn’t matter what Obama says, the threat of Obama’s actions remain.

Obama made it clear that the health insurance industry will not exploit patients; that distinction goes to the Fed. If there are any organs to be harvested they will go to the government for fair distribution…to the Chinese to pay back the debt most likely.

Obama still has an issue with the rich, the suckers who keep striving for better in America. I’ll show them. He wants clean energy and wants the oil companies to pay for it. Obama wants government to FORCE innovation, citing NASA…you know, the very same NASA that he wanted to use to make Muslims feel good about themselves.

This was a good speech, actually one of his best, particularly if you are an unemployed gay, Pakistani living illegally in the United States. Bonus if you don’t speak English.

That’s my rant!

© 2011 Kevin Jackson – The Black Sphere

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