Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Appeasement: Defeat on the Installment Plan

We're privileged to bring to our readers a collaborative effort from two real patriots and favorite writers of ours.  It is an exceptional and inspiring essay written from the heart.  Chris and Rich wrote for our other blog prior to our hiatus.  We're very pleased to present them to a new set of readers.  Both are very experienced observers of the politics of today.
Two Sisters.

by Chris Allen and Rich Carroll

American Heroism
When did Americans decide to stop fighting for freedom? Was our “epiphany of cowardice" on 9-12-01 the day after 19 Arabs with box cutters and four hijacked jet airplanes launched the first attack of WWIII and brought us to our knees? Historians will be looking for that defining moment when the land of the free and the home of the brave became milquetoasts. When did the progressive (communist) narrative of “diversity and cultural enrichment” steal our steadfast resolve of always loving our sovereignty and being number 1? When did we quit competing and give up?

Liberalism has produced this advanced stage of impairment by tactics that have, until now, been largely under the radar. Progressivists wryly co-opted academia and immediately began disseminating feel good, warm fuzzy 'alternative thought' bull crap. New courses such as "Women's Studies" and "Islam in the Western World" replaced standards like Philosophy and History. Where those basic (and beneficial!) studies do remain, they are mere shells of half theory, allowing self indulgent wanna be's to self identify as 'educated elites' while unapologetically clueless on Utilitarianism or moral imperative. If an animal feels pain, then we shouldn't kill it. If being homosexual relegates you to existence as a minority player in America, then that's 'unfair." Shoddy education allows half measure equivocating on basics that should actually buttress American exceptionalism.

Pseudo philosophical musings create an atmosphere where the acceptance of marginal, second rate and obviously amoral indoctrination endangers the larger whole. Hypocrisy rules when we can haughtily decry the outrage of sexism in America, yet emit silent acquiescence in response to Islam's outrageous misogyny. Human rights, and what Americans purpose to be "self evident truths" (which is a highly philosophical concept), well, how does "if you disagree with me I have the right to kill you" square with that?

Collectively, we have reached the pathetic stage of ambivalence towards the monolith of Islam that is directed by their “holy book” to kill us. Today, around the globe, senior Islamic clerics are asking Christians to bow in Muslim prayer in an act of submission to Allah, and we continue to call them “peaceful.” While U.S. Taxpayers are fighting for their financial lives and jihad rages around the world, the Obama Administration is spending $770 million dollars we don't have to build and refurbish mosques and the Islamic world's internet infrastructure. No one speaks-out against this insanity, or that this pro-Muslim administration is financing Hamas because culturally we are on a destructive mission to appease Muslims. Nary a peep when Obama recently placed two "devout" Muslims in top positions within Homeland Security. Where is the outrage?

Anyone notice recent television ads for the Ford Explorer and Chrysler 300? You will see fleeting images of Muslim women wearing a white Hajib. There is nothing “wrong” with this of course; just another form of appeasement. Does management at these two auto manufacturers know Muslims believe “Allah is our objective; the Prophet is out leader; the Qur'an is our law; Jihad is our way; dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.

Would President Ronald Reagan have continued to allow Muslim Somali pirates to kidnap and torture ship passengers? Why does this pro-Islamic administration continue to appease these seafaring murderers and thieves? Why doesn't this administration give orders to “blow them out of the waters?” We have a “President” who has appointed himself the apologist for Islam, and will tell you “Somalian pirates aren't terrorists because they just want money.” What? More of the "wrong by not going the distance" moral thinking of they are oppressed, desperate. And here's the final catch, those of us who KNOW better have allowed it.

American Pride
 We (you and me) can no longer sit. The only hope we have is the understanding of freedom. Stand up and fight back, perhaps your efforts will be contagious. We have no other hope of surviving


At March 2, 2011 at 12:56 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

A great article. I hope it helps to motivate Americans from their complacency. We need to read more articles like this.

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