Saturday, March 26, 2011

Don't Break The New Lightbulbs!

If there is one thing all conservatives can agree on is the fact that we just don't like Big Government. As it is, we feel that government intrudes in our lives entirely too much.  Although some Americans seem perfectly content we are not in the least bit fond of the Nanny State.  One  prime example of government intervention is the the Federal Energy Independence Security Act of 2007. (Democrats in both Houses)   This law, due to take effect in 2012, calls for the elimination of what the government considers to be inefficient light bulbs. They include our standard 40W to 100W incandescent light bulbs. By the year 2012, they will no longer be sold.  I other words, the government is now telling us how to light our homes.

The extinction of the incandescent will require homeowners to switch to other energy-efficient light sources for their fixtures, such as LEDS, compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) or certain types of halogens. Consumers will be forced to use compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs), certain exempted incandescent bulbs, energy-saving incandescent/halogen bulbs, or new bulbs currently still in development by major lighting companies.  1CEpro  Energy studies have shown that dimming can save an average 10 percent of lighting energy consumption in the home,  while vacancy sensors can save an average 20 percent.  Homeowners choosing CFLs who want dimming must use special dimmable compact fluorescent bulbs labeled as compatible with dimmers.  Consumers unsatisfied with compact fluorescent dimming can use energy-saving
incandescent/halogen bulbs with dimming controls.  2CEpro

As 2012 approaches, there is a growing anti-green backlash against CFLs due to mercury levels and the disposal costs. Consumer awareness that CFLs include traces of toxic mercury is growing. 3CEPro   Ironically, when we think of "green" we think of the state of California.  While researching facts for this blog we found the best information through the California Energy Commission.  California has an energy crisis and former Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger authorised a complete study on the problem.  Lately the concern about the mercury found in the new bulbs has many people extremely concerned.

Recently Journalist Fred Barnes, while discussing this law on a television panel, said he would begin to hoard incandescent bulbs because the disposal of broken bulbs is too complicated and too costly.There is one story making the rounds of the Internet about a woman who had to spend $700 cleaning her carpet after breaking one bulb. Having small grandchildren who visit our homes frequently, we too are rather concerned about the release of mercury within the confines of our home. 

Also while researching these new products that we will be required by law to use, we found that there are a number of lawsuits against the makers of the CFLs and several industrious  law firms are prepared to file lawsuits on behalf of the injured. We did find a very helpful page that detailed exactly what precautions one must use if one of the new law required bulbs should break.  We hope you find it helpful as well.

We believe that we should have the right to use the bulbs of our own choosing and not be requires by federal law to change over to a product that can be harmful. We thought that the Environmental Protection Agency was formed to help the citizens and our natural resources.  Providing Americans with an Internet page with instructions on how to minimize exposure to Mercury doesn't quite seem like they have properly done their job.
Two Sisters

What to Do If You Break a Fluorescent Light Bulb
By Isaiah David, eHow Contributor

Fluorescent light bulbs save energy and last longer than incandescent lights, making them a good way to help protect the environment and lower your electricity bills. Unfortunately, fluorescent lights contain a small amount of mercury. Mercury stays in your body for a long time, and can cause health problems if too much accumulates. Although breaking a single fluorescent bulb isn't going to hurt you, it's always a good idea to minimize mercury exposure.

Clear the Air
Open up one or more windows to air out the room. Leave the room, close the door and tell anyone else in your house to stay out of the room for 15 minutes. When the bulb shatters, it can send mercury vapor and dust contaminated by the metal up into the air. Airing out the room before you clean will minimize your exposure to these airborne pollutants. If you have a central heating or cooling system turned on, turn it off, since it can spread mercury dust.

Prepare to Clean
Find something to contain the pieces from the light bulb. A metal tin or glass jar with a lid will work well, since both can be sealed. If you can't find either, use a plastic bag. Keep in mind, however, that the glass shards can easily puncture a plastic bag. You will also need stiff paper or cardboard, tape, a wet cloth or paper towel, and if you broke the bulb on carpet, a vacuum cleaner.

Basic Cleanup
Use the cardboard or stiff paper to scoop up the big pieces of glass and as much of the powder as you can. If you broke the bulb on the carpet, pick the pieces up with your hands instead, taking care not to cut yourself. Put the pieces and the paper into your container.

Remove the Dust
Put a piece of tape on the floor, sticky-side down, on top of the spill. Pull it up and throw it away in a container. Repeat until you've cleaned up all of the dust. If you are cleaning up the carpet, work the tape down into the fibers to get up all of the little pieces of glass and dust. The dust is from the phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb. Although it is not mercury, it can contain traces of mercury, so clean it up thoroughly.

Final Steps
If you broke the bulb on the floor, use a wet paper towel or moist, disposable cloth to clean up any remaining traces of dust from the bulb. Throw it away in your container. If you broke the bulb on the rug, vacuum the area. Immediately empty out the vacuum bag when you are done. Otherwise, the vacuum cleaner can potentially spread dust contaminated with mercury back into the air.


At March 26, 2011 at 4:13 PM , Anonymous Steve Bussey said...

As a certain Founding Father said; why stand we hear idle (and just take this BS)?

At March 26, 2011 at 5:53 PM , Blogger said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

At March 26, 2011 at 5:54 PM , Blogger said... of my favorite peeves! The incandescent lightbulbs are already hard to find, so I've been changing them to those ugly, curly lightbulbs. Not one room in my home is properly lit because of those things! Everyone says you have to wait a while before they brighten fully. Well, tell that to the light kit in the ceiling fan in my office! I bought the proper wattage, but the room is so dimly lit that even the two extra lamps on my desk don't help. So...they're not only dangerous to your health...they don't do the job properly, either!

At July 8, 2011 at 6:28 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Someone should fight this "ban of incandescent bulbs". It is ridiculous and poisonous. Why isn't anyone fighting this except Michelle Bachman? I don't get the American people anymore. They are apathetic and sheeple, to accept this distruction and elimination of the bulb that gives us the best light. The screwy thing is one BIG JOKE.

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