Monday, March 21, 2011

That Was The Week That Was

Testing for Radiation in Japan
An earthquake struck Japan, sending planet Earth spinning off it's axis, followed by a Tsunami and a nuclear meltdown.  Thousands are dead, missing and injured.  The country is in a tremendous upheaval, and the repercussions of this natural disaster will not only affect Japan, but the entire world, economically and in some cases, physically if the radiation effects are maximized.  

Protest in Bahrain
On the other side of the world, the Middle East was a hot bed of protest and unrest as those who demonstrated against their governments asked for freedom and democracy.  The Middle East has been dominated by tyrants, despots, Royals, and dictators for generations.  As the world becomes smaller due to the Internet and the electronic media, the oppressed clamor for the freedoms that many here in the freest nation on the planet take for granted.  Let it be a lesson to those who support politicians who trample our Constitution and want to suppress our own freedoms, no one has it better than we do. 

During the past week, here in the States, the labor unions were having a field day and issuing death threats to political leaders in Wisconsin, while enticing even more chaos in other states as well.  The leftist media in turn was giving them around the clock press.  Any Tom, Dick, Harry or Michael Moore with a bullhorn was  filmed, photographed or written about.   But then the tragedy in Japan and the genocide in North Africa  bumped them off the the journalistic front burner.
With all that has happened this past week, we  watched the stock market plummet, our portfolios shrink, and we held our collective breaths in uncertainty as to what the future holds for us, the American people. Our rate of unemployment is in record high numbers, our national debt unchecked, the housing market down,  budget cuts all around, while the price of food and fuel rises.   Is it a wonder  that we develop new worry lines daily?  These aren't the worst of times yet folks, but they aren't the best of times either. 

Muammar al Qaddafi
Then there was Libya, and those "revolting Arabs."  Muammar al Qaddafi has been a thorn in the side of the United States since Richard Nixon was president.  In 1969 he led a successful coup against the monarchy of Idris I.  Qaddafi established himself as Libya's commander in chief and chairman of the Revolutionary Command Council. Blending Arab nationalism, revolutionary socialism, and Islamic orthodoxy, Qaddafi proceeded to run Libya's government as a stridently anti-Western dictatorship. British and American military bases were closed in 1970; in the same year the property of Libya's Italian and Jewish communities was confiscated.   A fervent Arab nationalist, he sought to unify Libya with other Arab countries, including Egypt and Tunisia, while bitterly opposing Israel. Since Qaddafi took power the Libyan government has supported many international terrorist and guerrilla organizations, including the IRA, the PLO, and other extremist Arab and Islamic groups.  In 1986 the United States sought to quell Libya's alleged terrorist activities by bombing several sites in Libya. Qaddafi survived, but several of his children were hurt or killed. In 1999, following the turning over of the suspects in the Lockerbie bombing, Qaddafi sought improved relations with Western European nations and issued a denunciation of terrorism. 1 

As other Arab countries sought to liberate themselves from their oppressors, the people of Libya attempted a coup of their own.  Unlike in Egypt, where protesters succeeded in ousting President Hosni Mubarak and establishing a temporary government, the Libyan rebels suffered the wrath of Qaddafi and he began to quell their protests by turning his military powers on them, indiscriminately killing all who stood in his path.  With his superior air power (Soviet Era issue) over the rebels, he was emboldened by his success gaining control of most of the cities and towns held by the rebel forces.  There were pleas from the rebels for the UN to establish a no fly zone over Libya, as Qaddafi's genocide continued.  

At the White House,  President Obama continued to plan his South and Central American excursion and did not comment on the situation in Libya.  Some criticized him, others felt he was right not to comment.  We wrung our hands waiting, afraid that one of our deepest fears would come to fruition -- that a situation would arise which would test Barrack Hussein Obama's skills as commander in chief of the United States military!

The Arab League
We didn't have to wait long.  As Qaddafi slaughtered his "subjects" in genocidal frenzy, the powerful (and infamous) Arab League petitioned the UN Security Council for a coalition of allied forces to establish a no fly zone over Libya, in order to protect the Libyan people. On March 18, the UN Security Council authorized the use of “all necessary measures” to protect Libyan civilians. European leaders in France and the U.K. agreed to take the lead with the United States taking a supporting role. 

It was then, that Barack Hussein Obama swung into action and agreed to join the coalition.   On Saturday morning, he, along with his family, boarded Air Force One en route to Brazil.   Later that day, on  Saturday March 19, eight years to the day that President George W. Bush authorized the attack on Iraq,  from a convention center in Brazil, Obama announced to the the U.S. that he had authorized a limited military action, as a humanitarian gesture, to save Libyan civilians.  

Air strike over Libya
"Obama Finally Has A War Of His Own," read the German Spiegel headlines, as others questioned the wisdom of his leaving the continent just as the American military began to rain missiles and bombs on Tripoli.  Earlier in the week we began to see a rift in the Obama foreign policy team.  Secretary Gates had opposed the establishment of a no fly zone, while Secretary Clinton met in Paris with European leaders to coordinate the plans for implementing one.  Former Obama supporters such as Michael Moore and other Liberal Democrats were in an uproar.  Nation of Islam leader, Louis Farrakhan warned  him: "Be Careful Brother.  Who the hell do you think you are?"

We've simplified the events of "the week that was."  We are aware that serious negotiations and discussions and talks took place before decisions were made. But we express the queries and concerns of many of our fellow citizens when we ask some questions of our own.  Why did Mr. Obama wait for the Arab League to act before breaking his silence on the situation in Libya and the massacre that was taking place?  Why leave the country at a time when he was sending American military men and women into a battleground?  Why wait till Congress was in recess before deciding?  Wouldn't it have been better to ask the opinion of both parties?  Is this a new shift in American foreign policy, to follow instead of leading? 

We have noticed that no Arab nation has participated in this "humanitarian" action, but the Arab League wasted no time in criticising the West for the "attacks."  How will Obama reply?  Does he owe them an answer, a bow or two perhaps, and maybe some apologizing?  Has the community organizer bitten off more than he can chew?

American protests
Like the Peregrine Falcon, our wandering president will eventually have to head home.  It will be very interesting indeed to follow the developments as he wings through our southern hemisphere on Air Force One.  Even more interesting will be the reception he receives upon his return.

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At March 21, 2011 at 6:52 AM , Anonymous Steve Bussey said...

Excellent commentary and wrap-up, as well as thought provoking, as usual. I made a sarcastic qup to my daughter the other day - If you don't believe in the "End Times" then don't read the headlines at the Drudge Report - that's just how it read to me. Each generation has believed they were living in the end times, and I try to avoid that feeling. But some how, when you read something like this piece, it's just kind of easy to sit back and say, hummmm. Well done, Ladies - again.

At March 21, 2011 at 10:32 AM , Anonymous Bornicus said...

Great Job !!

At March 21, 2011 at 7:39 PM , Blogger said...

Excellent summary of the hell Planet Earth is facing these days! What a time to have the worst president ever at the helm! As our friend Steve Bussey said on his blog....this administration doesn't have a foreign policy. They are flying by the seat of their pants...making mistake after mistake...and leading all of us to our doom.

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