Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Speak Up, America, I Can't Hear You!

There are times that I feel as if I were being held hostage. Sometimes I feel that it is difficult to draw breath and there is no help in sight. What's worse, I'm not alone, the feeling extends to family and friends who also feel as if they are being held hostage by a government not of our choosing, by a man who doesn't really give a damn about America or Americans.

The time has come to take off the kid gloves, put aside political correctness, and plainly speak one's mind, before we lose the privilege to do that too. Perhaps if all of us express what we feel, the message can get across to those who blew this ill wind upon us, and they can begin to realize the wrong they've perpetrated on our country. Barack Hussein Obama didn't just walk into the White House he was placed there by American voters.

I realize that just by speaking my mind I will be accused by some of being a bigot, or racist, or any other name that rolls so easily off the liberal tongue. The fact is that I am not any of those things. As a member of what is called a "minority group” I've experienced racism, bigotry and even unwarranted hatred. So to those who would cast aspersions I say, give it your best shot: Sticks and stones....I'm immune, and I am going to speak up!

Although many have dwelled on Barack Obama's origin, his ethnic and racial background, his religious upbringing, and whether or not he can legally prove that he was born in the United States as objectionable, I could have  grudgingly overlooked those unanswered questions, had he turned out to be a true America loving patriot. But he is NOT! He proved it when he gave what has become known as the "crotch salute" to the American flag on more than one occasion. He proved it when shortly after being sworn in as president he embarked in his now world famous "Apology Tour."

Those of us who were not deceived by Obama had done our homework. We knew what his ideology was, who his mentors had been, and we knew he did not love this country. In his own words he wrote in his book Dreams of My Father,  "I ceased to advertise my mother's race at the age of 12 or 13, when I began to suspect that by doing so I was ingratiating myself to whites." What a tremendous character flaw! That was a huge red flag that his supporters willingly overlooked. If George W Bush or any other president had made such a blatant distinction between races and ethnicity he would have been burned at the stake by the media. Here is a man wanting to be president of the United States, a country made up of all races, religions and ethnic groups and he’s afraid of “ingratiating himself to whites?” Who is the racist here?

How the man can stand before a camera, give a speech, and pretend to care about this country and future generations is beyond the pale. Barack Obama promised his supporters that he would unify this country, and instead he has by his actions and his words on a number of occasions set back all the achievements that we had accomplished in race relations at least one entire generation.

By his actions he has proved that he does not have the best interest of our country at heart. I’ve heard him referred to as an empty suit. I see him more as a humanoid, a creation of all who shaped and molded him. Even his speech patterns are robotic. He lacks genuine warmth and feeling. He has a tremendous ego and his arrogance is insufferable.

Because of my love of country, and wanting the best for all Americans, deeply inside of me lurked the hope that this man, whose election had created an unprecedented chapter in American History would live up to the expectations of those who cast their votes for him. He didn’t. His poll numbers show that he has not.

Obama’s color seemed to matter to many. It obviously mattered to the Black community who went out in record numbers and voted for the first "African American" president. It mattered to many non Blacks who suffered from some exaggerated "white guilt" and felt it was time to make restitution for the years of slavery. It mattered to Liberals who supported various social issues and felt that he was the man who would bring about the changes they wanted. It also mattered to those who believed that George W. Bush had involved us in two wars in the Middle East, and who objected to the cost of the war and the flag draped coffins that came home every month.

Those wars, by the way, mattered greatly to conservatives too. Those dead soldiers, the injured, the maimed, came from conservative homes as well. The young men and women who are putting themselves in harm's way while wearing the uniform of their country's Armed Services do so voluntarily and out of the thousands who've gone, the number who regret their service is minute.

Now two years and two months after he was inaugurated we find ourselves in unexpected situations domestically and internationally, like non I have experienced in my sixty five years on this earth. To make matters even more impossible to tolerate, we find ourselves with no real leader. What does a former community organizer know about  the military and war? What does he know about economics, except to get the money out of those who are wealthier? What does he know about petroleum engineering and drilling for oil? How does a man who has apologized for America's sacrifices in two World Wars and the generosity of the American people lead this great nation during a time of crisis?

I do not pretend to have the answers. I would however assume that such a man should respect the Constitution of the United States. It is a simple document, which perfectly outlines the laws of this country and the duties of his office. My young grandchildren can read it and explain it to others. He can seek advice in the wisdom of our forefathers. Such wisdom amazes me daily and I do believe that it has to have been divinely inspired.

Barack Hussein Obama is such a product of his upbringing that he cannot break away. He seems to be locked somewhere in the past. His mentors were all communists or socialists. Although he insists that he is a Christian, converted in a church that preached “Black Liberation Theology,” he was educated in a Muslim school, studied the Koran. He wrote in his book The Audacity of Hope: "I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.”

Well, my fellow Americans the political winds are blowing with the intensity of a whirling dervish, and the dance is not pretty.

Congressman King of New York has called for congressional hearings to investigate the radicalization young Muslim Americans who are being indoctrinated and trained to act against their fellow citizens, on American soil, and harm and destroy in the name of Allah and Jihadism. Today, in New York City, hundreds took to the streets in protest and allegations of bigotry.

We seem to walk on eggshells around Muslims. We tip toe so as not to hurt their feelings? Why? I didn’t see Catholics take to the streets when Roman Catholics priests were being investigated? I don’t see Jews on the news going out and demonstrating every time a synagogue is vandalized, defaced or burned. My family and I lived in Miami during the Mariel Boat lift, and when the Haitians began to seek asylum in Florida. There wasn’t a day that I could drive my car and not see another with a bumper sticker that read, “Will The Last American To Leave Miami, Please Bring The Flag?” It was offensive to Cuban Americans and Haitian Americans, but they received no special treatment, no apologies. 

 I live in South Texas where the majority of the population is of Mexican extraction. There is still bigotry and racism in South Texas, but there are no demonstrations here. I am proud to say that my friends and neighbors have learned to work within the system. They have empowered themselves to better their lives and that of the local citizens. They are masters of their fate.

A true Muslim American who loves the United States would be happy to have the Congress hold the hearings. They would want those who work for Al Qaeda and other radical extremists groups to be flushed out, caught and punished, making our country safer for everyone. A true American would speak up!  Where are their condemnations?

On September 11, 2001 I stopped feeling safe in my own country. While President Bush was in office, I felt that all that was possible was being done to keep us safe as a nation. I no longer feel that way. True to his word, Barack Obama has sided with the Muslims. True to his word, he distances himself from those of his mother’s race. He has named the most incompetent person in the land to head the office of Homeland Security. While Janet Napolitano was Governor of Arizona the illegal immigration in that state, and the border situation became worse. Now she’s declaring the border “As safe as it has ever been” and those of us who live near the border know that it is not so at all.

I know there have always been shenanigans going on in Washington, D.C., but never has the level of incompetence been as high as it is now. As Americans we expect our legislators to honor the oath they all take: "I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States." These are fourteen simple words that have grave importance to Americans. It is not too much to expect them to abide by their oath.

While speaking to my husband tonight we both had the same feeling. It seems that all we hear are bad news. Our country is the weakest it has ever been. Our economy is disastrous and no one is quite sure of how to fix it. Those who are in the middle class economically are taxed beyond their means. Senior citizens fear for their health care. Gas prices are rising so that some might not be able to afford to fuel their vehicles. The Middle East is under tremendous strife. We’ve become so dependent on foreign sources of energy that we’ve not tapped our own resources. Experts warn us on television that food prices will soon rise. The housing market is not picking up as expected or predicted. Big government has regulated businesses out of existence. There is no end in sight and above all there is no leadership.

Sadly, the apathy of so many Americans is heartbreaking. When I watch a segment of Leno’s “Jaywalking” and he asks people on the street simple questions that they can’t answer, I don’t laugh, I want to weep. What has happened to America? Was “The Greatest Generation” the last generation to achieve greatness? We need leadership!

Americans are resilient, and while others sleep or play, there will be the ones who are never idle. We are a freedom loving people and we’ve proven it time and time again.

So stand up and be counted Americans, speak your mind, register your disapproval. In the words of Thomas J, Watson, Jr.  "If you stand up and be counted, from time to time you may get yourself knocked down. But remember this: A man flattened by an opponent can get up again. A man flattened by conformity stays down for good.”

Stand up, and speak up for America!


At March 8, 2011 at 1:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

All true. We all need to speak up.

At March 8, 2011 at 1:46 PM , Anonymous Steve said...

Excellent essay - well thought out and heart-felt. Essays are never too long when they're interesting.

At March 8, 2011 at 9:36 PM , Blogger BoRhap77@aol.com said...

Long....yes, but EXCELLENT. It expresses what is in the hearts of many Americans who -- for whatever reason -- will not speak up. Keep the fires burning, Sister One!

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