Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Let The People Speak

Normally when Two Sisters From The Right feature an article found in another publication, we do so because the point(s) of view presentend therein mirrors our own.  We call them "we wish we'd written that moments." 

In recent weeks, would be presidential candidate Donald Trump has resurrected the "birther" issue.  The question of Barrack Obama's birth and his paternity, has been the mystery of the century.  Why a presidential candidate would not come clean and reveal all the documents which are asked of him is a travesty.  It is also a Constitutional issue that should have been ruled upon by the Supreme Court of the United States, and to this date, they have shown no interest in doing so. 

We don't have any evidence of Obama's birthplace or he's paternity.  We therefore are taking a different approach to tonight's post. Don Wilkie, writing for The American Thinker lays out facts as to why he believes that Barack Obama,Sr. cannot be the president's father.  The article is quite interesting, however, even more so are the letters to the comments section.  They were written by average Americans who appear to have given the issue a great deal of thought, and in some cases research.  We found reading those letters a fascinating study in the conclusions that every day citizen's have drawn.  It reaffirms our faith in the American voter, that when they go to the polls, they've given thought to the issues and are able to make an informed choice.  Two Sisters hope that if you have a different insight, you'd share it with us as well.  We know the opinion of pundits and commentators, we'd like to hear yours.  Let the people speak!
Two Sisters

Why Obama Was Not Born in Kenya

By Don Wilkie

With Donald Trump's headline-grabbing call for our President to release his birth certificate, more and more people are discussing the circumstances of Obama's birth. Although it seems likely that Obama is hiding something -- the date of birth, the place, the father -- it is highly unlikely that he is concealing a Kenyan nativity.The President's mother, Ann Dunham and father, Barack Obama, Sr., supposedly met in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii. The time was late September, 1960. For the official birth date of August 4, 1961 to work, and assuming that Ann... (Read Full Article)

The people speak.

Posted by: McFire
 Apr 19, 02:00 AM
Hmmm...since the people who knew Obama Sr never saw him with Dunham and no one knew they were married and there were no witnesses to the wedding in Maui, it may be a fair assumption that he is not even the father of Barry. According to his class schedules and the speed at which he got his degrees, he had no time for a relationship. If he had no income to live in Hawaii or pay for school, where did the money come from? How about being paid for a sham marriage from Dunham's father? That would explain a lot, and be a good excuse for the mystery missing birth certificate (you know...the one with the real information, not the informationless and out of registration number sequence "Certificate of Live Birth").

Posted by: Perspicacious
Apr 19, 02:09 AM
The question isn't just where was he born, but was he a natural born citizen at the time of his election? If in order to get into college or get financial aid Obama confirmed his Indonesian nationality, then he lost his US citizenship. The law looks to whether a dual national who is old enough to know (17 or 18) shows an intention to relinquish US citizenship. Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship, so a claim of Indonesian nationality by Obama as an adult would indicate his intent not to be a US citizen.

Posted by: Transnational
Apr 19, 05:30 AM
I remember the time period in which Barry was conceived. No, the kid is not my son. However, I was a young man with above average looks and well above average test scores. Among Communist college students and young Communist college instructors, the topic of “free sex” was discusses in class and practiced outside of class. In the documentary, “The Weather Underground”( that was produced by associates of the Weather Underground), you will learn that the women of the Weather Underground were expected to provide free sex to their fellow Communists regardless of their preference for any particular participant of the Weather Underground. During the time period that Ms. Dunham conceived Barry, that sexual “duty” was considered to be what good revolutionary women were supposed to do.

Ms. Dunham’s marriage to Mr. Obama appears to be a marriage of convenience. It would have provided the young Kenyan an opportunity to apply for American citizenship if the political climate in Kenya became too dangerous for him to return to Kenya after he completed his studies in America. In 1961, although the “free sex” movement was fashionable among young Communist college students, the social pressure against out of wedlock birth was still great within the larger American culture. Have you ever heard the expression, “Mama’s baby; Daddy’s maybe”.

Posted by: DaleinAtlanta
 Apr 19, 03:31 AM
Frankly, I don't believe he was born in Kenya, either, and you lay out a circumstantial, but compelling case. I would propose one other data point; the fine work done by AT's own Mr. Jack Cashill, which shows that Stanley Ann Dunham, was enrolled in classes at the University of Washington, within two weeks of baby Obama's birth, if I'm not mistaken. To have had the baby in Kenya, get all the way back to Hawaii, then off to Washington to enroll in class, would've been a bit much, all in that timeframe, I presume?? But, that said, there has been some interesting stuff turn up on the Internet that does give one pause, on this whole issue. The so-called Kenyan Birth Certificates, that one can see on the Internet; there is at least one, that does pass the "smell test". Also, there is Michelle Obama's own words, on Youtube, referring to her husband as Kenyan born. There is the grandmother's statement, about being present at his birth in Kenya, which has, or has not been rebutted, depending upon who you believe? There are several major articles from various African newspapers, still available on the Net, from years ago, referring to Obama as "Kenyan born"; an appellation that may have been promoted by Obama himself when convenient for propaganda purposes as a State Senator and US Senator, but which became inconvenient when a run for the Presidency became more focused. Then there is the whole who-spends-millions-of-dollars-to-hide-their-birth-certificate-if-they've-got-nothing-to-hide-angle, which is the real mystery here. I personally suspect that his mother and "father's" "marriage" was a sham, and that his biological father is Frank Marshall Davis. I doubt that is reflected on his real Birth Certificate however, but I cannot fathom what information is contained therein, that he is driven to desperately hide the real thing, IF it does exist??

Posted by: Nurse Carol
Apr 19, 06:21 AM
The most interesting bit of information from Mr. Cashill's work, to me, is the Ann Dunham/Washington State documentation. In 1961, most women still spent much longer in the hospital after giving birth. I find it preposterous to believe, from simply a post-partum point of view, that an unwed teenage mother left Hawaii scant days after giving birth to her first baby and started classes thousands of miles from her parents. Yet this is one of the few things of which we have actual hard proof.

I read earlier the theory that it's the dates on the birth certificate that Barry wants to hide. If he was born several months earlier, Obama Sr. could not possibly be his father. Perhaps Barry's birth certificate is dated much earlier and says: "father unknown." This would negate the entire first autobiography, which is the house of cards his whole life is standing on.

Posted by: PattyMor
Apr 19, 07:02 AM
We really have little FACTS regarding little Barry's real background and parentage. Barry has hidden everything, even his long form birth certificate. And, he has apparently spent $2 M Dollars to keep from having to release his LFBC. So you have to ask, if you choose to hide all your records, what are you trying to hide?

Interested in further comments?  They can be found at the end of the article, on American Thinker.

 © American Thinker 2011

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At April 20, 2011 at 7:09 AM , Blogger Lynn said...

I have found a lot of fascinating comments on this subject as well... especially at American Thinker. Their readership is very astute. People are definitely thinking about this, and they bring up MANY possible theories. It all boils down to one known fact - this man is a FRAUD!

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