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Another OBAMination: Our Southern Border by Rich Carroll

We just returned home to South Texas from El Paso, TX, today.  On our way home we heard on the radio that Obama would be arriving in El Paso to visit the border with Mexico for the first time since he became president.  (He seems to be cramming in a lot of "firsts" since he announced his re-election bid.)  While we were in El Paso, we saw on the news a most elaborate tunnel that was built from an abandoned home in Nogales, Mexico, and exited across the border into the state of Arizona.  The tunnel had running water, electricity and ventilation. The entire description can be read at Fox News Latino   It makes one wonder why the story is published in a publication that isn't really of interest to the general population.  We feel it should be a headline story in all states.

 Tunnels such as these are not an unusual find at all.  Governor Jan Brewer of AZ is now being forced to take her case to the United States Supreme Court because Arizonians' attempt to regulate the illegal transport of drugs, and trafficking in human cargo across their border is being thwarted by the Obama administration, specifically the DOD.  Had Obama really been interested in the "border problems" and the illegal immigration which causes American taxpayers billions of dollars yearly, he would not have chosen El Paso for his visit today.

In spite of the recent violence in Ciudad Juarez, MX, brought about by the drug cartels, El Paso and Juarez have historically been looked upon as one large metropolitan area.  Driving in to El Paso in the evening, and seeing the city lights,  it is difficult to distinguish where Texas ends and Mexico begins.  The citizens of both cities commute to work or home with as much regularity as those who work in large cities commute to suburban communities.  Spanish is  often heard spoken more than English, and vehicles with Mexican license plates are not unusual.  Even students from Juarez attend public schools in El Paso, TX.

The committee to reelect Obama chose a city where he would have a sympathetic audience.  It is an obvious attempt to capture the Hispanic vote, in this case, the Mexican American vote.  Hopefully, they will have misjudged the Hispanic voters.  The arrogance of Obama and his backers to believe that Hispanic voters can be easily  swayed and/or bought with his habitual empty promises is an insult to Hispanic intelligence,  ethics and value system. 

Regardless of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano's assurances, the border between Mexico and the United States is in fact NOT secure.   The problems that the extremely porous border present are not just concerning  illegal immigration from Mexico and other Central American countries, or the lucrative and harmful business of  drug trafficking into the U.S.  It is foolish of the Obama administration, and foolish on the part of Americans in denial not to  recognize that the porosity of the very long border is a perfect conduit for our enemies to enter the country.  Since the killing of Usama bin Laden, we as a nation have been on high security alert.  We simply don't know where to expect the next attack, or who will perpetrate it, but we do know that one IS coming.  Muslims are vengeful.  They will not let UBL's death go unavenged.

Thus, it was a thrill to us, after being on hiatus, to find an article by our friend and frequent contributor Rich Carroll in our mail.  Few people can give a better perspective of the situation at the border with Mexico than Rich.  We ask that you read, and heed.  The facts are irrefutable.  The author's experience and expertise are difficult to match.
Two Sisters

Another OBAMination: Our Southern Border
by Rich Carroll
First off, let's put to rest Barack Hussein's comment about “keeping America safe.” He has sued the State of Arizona for trying to “keep American safe.” Obama and his supporters need to stop lying.

Moving-right-along, Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano recently stated: “Our borders are more secure than they have ever been.” Let's examine this lie: Pinal County, Arizona statistics for the three year period from 2008 thru 2010: calls to police about illegals rose from 169 to 370. Vehicle pursuits in the county jumped from 140 to 340, and Marijuana seized in 2008 was 19,619 pounds versus 45,400 pounds in 2010. Cartel drug smugglers have been killed 70 miles into the state of Arizona, and murders and body mutilations are up. U.S. Border Patrol reports that nearly half the illegal immigrants entering America come through Arizona. The Tucson sector alone captured 219,300 illegals in 2010. On April 1, 2011, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio told the press he had information that Border Patrol officials have repeatedly been told to reduce – sometimes stop – their arrests of illegal aliens at the U.S./Mexico border. During the year 2010, 84 per cent of the 448,000 illegal aliens arrested by U.S. Border Patrol were not prosecuted.

A former U.S. Intelligence agent reported that Hezbollah has been setting up shop in Mexico for the past 15 to 20 years and they are partnering with drug cartels to gain the funds, the guns and the money needed to cross our border and carry out terrorist attacks on you and I. This writer has been involved with volunteer border security for five years and seen some of this with my own eyes. All that is protecting the lives of innocent Americans from the militant jihadists intent on destroying our country and life is a few miles of desert and largely unmonitored open border.

For decades Hezbollah has operated in South and Central America with their ally, Hamas. Now, Hezbollah is blending into Shia Muslim communities in Mexico including Tijuana, and Juarez as they build their relationships with Mexican drug cartels to gain the funds needed for terror attacks on the U.S. Hezbollah is regarded as the “A” Team of terrorists because their members are better trained, better organized and overall better strategic thinkers.

The Obama Administration continues to ignore the terrorists plotting against us and playing politics with border security and immigration reform for the sake of re-election with the help of amnesty for EVERY illegal immigrant by next year.

Both the U.S. Border Patrol Agency and U.S. Customs fall under the umbrella organization of Department of Homeland Security. In the game of bureaucratic lying, monies slated for the Border Patrol have been cut and they are running out of money for such things as gasoline. This will cut-down on actual patrol and “catching bad guy time.” The U.S. Border Patrol needs to return to the Department of Justice where it was before 911. Someone has purposely degraded our ability to catch illegal aliens crossing our southern border. Who could that be?

During the year 2010, 663 Muslims with ties to terrorist organizations were captured along our southern border. This included individuals from special-interest countries like Afghanistan, Libya, Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen and countries designated by the U.S. Department of State as sponsors of terror – Iran, Syria and Sudan. These figures can be verified through the office of John Cornyn (R-Texas). How many were not captured? So much for “defending our security.”

According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office report, 56 per cent of the border is not under operational control. 44 per cent secure is a FAILING GRADE by any standards and our Homeland Security Director thinks Americans are stupid enough to swallow her radical leftist pablum. Bunk.

Above, I have only discussed one small fraction of the 2000 mile border.

To protect the future of your children and grand children, call or write your senator and congressmen. STOP THE INSANITY. We are sitting like sheep waiting to be slaughtered.

Copyright Rich Carroll - 2011

Rich Carroll can be reached at  crossedrifles@hotmail.com  He is the author of  the book, "Terrorists' Crossing"

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