Monday, July 4, 2011

America's Future with the Mohammedan Messiah

This article is dedicated to Paul Dean who passed away today, Independence Day, 2011.  Paul was a United States Marine who for years protected this nation against evil people like Barack Obama and their communist, Marxist and infidel hating Muslim friends who work tirelessly to destroy this great land we call The United States of America.
Hand Salute
America's Future with the Mohammedan Messiah
by Rich Carroll
America's white female voters (our largest single voting bloc) were clueless to the consequences of voting for an out-of-nowhere black guy with a Muslim name who attended a white-hating church for 20 years. You are about to find out. Get yourself a snack, something cool to drink and relax and learn the power of “your one single vote.”
One of the upcoming “peace flotilla boats” against Israel's coast is named The Audacity of Hope, another shining example of Obama's contempt for our historical friend, ally and birthplace of our savior Jesus Christ, but let us digress to the point where a young man from a Kenyan black Muslim father and schooled in a Muslim nation during his formative years named Barry would change his name to Barack Hussein, a Sunni Muslim name, and chose to attend a Jew hating church every Sunday for 20 years hearing the same Jew and white hate-ranting sermons year after year.
What were you thinking when you voted for Barack Hussein?
Was it mere coincidence that Barack Hussein Obama would not only use your tax dollars to drive President Hosni Mubarak out of Egypt so that he could be replaced by the Israel hating radical arm of the Muslim Brotherhood? Mubarak remember left Israel alone in peace. Barack Hussein Obama would within one month of ousting Mubarak use your money to depose Muammar Gaddafi from Libya so that he, too, could be replaced with Muslim Brotherhood radical clerics. Why has Obama suddenly opened talks with the Muslim Brotherhood? Could it be because their creed is: “Allah is our objective. The Prophet is our leader. The Qur'an is our law. Jihad is our way. Dying in the way of Allah is our highest hope.”
Both Egypt and Libya offer strategic threats to Israel. Joined by Iran, these nations could (and will) blockade Israel from her sources of Oil and other trade imports. Is it mere coincidence that Barack Hussein Obama would make these moves with Egypt and Libya after doing nothing for two years but take fourteen extravagant vacations, play 56 rounds of golf, raise deficit spending and increase our national debt to $14.3 Trillion?   His $787 billion “stim-you-less” spending did nothing but pay-back campaign contributors and increase our debt. Obama's failure to allow drilling not only helped drive gasoline prices from $1.68 on inauguration day to over $4.00 last month, it kept hundreds of thousands of workers unemployed. When Obama does work, it is to destroy us either via breaking Constitutional law or confiscating wealth for “redistribution” to the lazy.
Watch closely in the coming months as Egypt and Libya begin to stockpile massive amounts of Russian weapons purchased with Arabic oil. Syria and Lebanon have already stockpiled rockets and ammunition for an all out assault on Israel. Within the year a “pincer movement” will begin against Israel that will lead to nuclear war. YOUR President was instrumental in aiding and abetting enemies of the United States to attack our lifelong ally. He has already given Hamas, (sworn to destroy Israel) nearly $2 billion dollars in “aid.”

Israel is out of options, but what becomes of a Middle East poisoned from Israel's first-strike toxic nuclear radiation? Up to 100 million refugees will seek shelter in Europe and the United States. Obama will succeed in his “Islamisation of America” by allowing the floods of Muslim refugees here in the U.S., which will not only bankrupt us, but the nuclear emergency will stop the 2012 presidential election.
Sounds “far fetched” doesn't it? More “far fetched” than electing an out of nowhere foreign Muslim who openly shows disdain for America and writes racist books?
I predict the war between Israel will come on May 15, 2012 (Israel's Independence Day,) and will involve Gog and Magog (Chechnya, Russia), Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Yemen and factions within Pakistan.
Jane's Ships says Israel has 400 nuclear weapons. American military experts believe this figure is low, but Israel does have two nuclear submarines with ICBM launch tubes that can strike any target on earth. In recent years Israel has purchased 30 long-range jet fighter bombers and 9 diesel-powered submarines from Germany. The Israeli Defense Force is formidable, and vastly superior in military strike strategy (plans and operations) to their Arab counterparts. A nuclear first strike from Israel would result in over 50 million Arab deaths and around 800,000 for Israel (Stratfor Report).
Would this scenario have happened without Obama expediting Libya and Egypt's help? Not nearly as quickly. Israel news has reported for months that Obama had stated he could “Islamisize the United States by 2016.” Given the strong possibility he will not be re-elected, Obama has used Egypt and Libya to speed-up his timetable. Your “Jihad Candidate” is alive and kicking and doing what he was chosen to do.
Where will America be in all this? Greatly diminished by near economic collapse and a weakened military.
You wanted “change,” and it's coming in 11 short months.
If there is a next time, remember what your grandmother said to you “you are the company you keep.” Judge someone before you vote for them. Who are their friends and associates? What is their background? Do they love America?

Copyright July 4, 2011   Rich Carroll


At July 4, 2011 at 10:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second frightening article I've read today on this subject. I fear only the hand of God can save us from this evil. And I pray He intervenes.

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