Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Sisters' Choice July 10, 2011

 Two Sisters' Recommended Reads

ObamaCare and the King's Royal Deer
Jon N. Hall - The American Thinker
Wickard is a profoundly un-American ruling that is being used to justify a profoundly un-American law: ObamaCare.

Justice Kagan Embraces Sharia Law That Would Kill Her
Dan Friedman - Big Peace
As a liberal, Jew, and lesbian, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan would face three capital counts against her in a Sharia court of law.

Hollywood Left Says It Loves Taxes But Won't Fight To Eliminate It's Own Breaks
Matthew Sheffield - NewsBusters
It's well-known that the amount of money that potentially would be raised by closing this loophole is miniscule, it'd take 5,000 years for it to equal the new debt added just last year.

'Alibi Obama' Is Ready For A Takedown
George Will - Boston Herald
 After blaming his predecessor for this and that, and after firing all the arrows in liberalism’s quiver — the stimulus, cash for clunkers, etc. — Obama seems poised to blame the recovery’s anemia on Republican resistance to simultaneously raising the debt ceiling and taxes.

Selective Shaming
Mark Steyn - National Review Online 
If only government were as accountable as British tabloids.



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