Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Two Sisters' Best Reads for August 9, 2011

How Stupid is Obama?
J.R. Dunn - American Thinker
"He easily impresses crowds and onlookers so long as the questions don't get too detailed. But he can't turn any of this into action. Everyhing he touches, without exception, falls to pieces." More

The National Organization for Women defends Bachmann against Newsweek
By Caroline May - The Daily Caller

"One of presidential candidate Michele Bachmann’s major political opponents is defending her against what it says is blatant sexism on the part of Newsweek magazine."More

The most powerful man on Earth?
By Dana Milbank - The Washington Post
 "After S&P downgraded the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+, President Obama addressed the nation, saying “we always have been and will always be a AAA country.”More

A Tottering Technocracy
By Victor Davis Hanson - National Review Online
"Here and in Europe, the financial meltdown exposes the hollowness of our elites."More

"Rabbi Harold Kushner once counseled the friends of grieving to simply "show up and shut up."  Don't try to lessen the hurt, he added, and certainly don't pretend to understand the depth of loss.
But show up. Stand with the grieving. Cry with the devastated. How does a whole country do that?  Almost 10 years after the war began, the country awoke on Saturday morning to the awful news of an enormous loss."More

What Nation Does The State Department Think Jerusalem is in?
By Daniel Halpen - The Weekly Standard
Quick question: According to the State Department, what nation is the city of Jerusalem in? If you answered Israel, you'd be wrong. The State Department just issued the following press release:
QUESTION: What is the State Department’s position regarding American persons born in Jerusalem who wish to have passports issued that indicate their place of birth as Israel?

ANSWER: Current U.S. Government policy is that U.S. citizens born in Jerusalem may not have “Israel” listed in their passports as their place of birth. See the U.S. Department of State’s Foreign Affairs Manual 7 FAM 1300 Appendix D for further details."More