Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Perry's Campaign Fights Back!

Mitt Romney's campaign seems to be gaining momentum since the entire GOP field ganged up on Rick Perry's statement that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme. We Two Sisters From The Right, and recipients of Social Security benefits, believe that Governor Perry is correct. This is an issue we have previously discussed on this website, and have in fact published the opinions of others who are experts and more knowledgeable than we are, asserting that it is indeed a Ponzi scheme.
Romney and his campaign have seized on the fears of the elderly and have, apparently been successful in making them believe that a Perry presidency will make them financially insecure. Romney, whose total net worth is about one quarter of a billion dollars, probably has little understanding of what financial insecurity is.  He has no money problems raising funds for his campaign.  We find it deplorable that he should stoop to fear mongering, and frightening senior citizens in order to garner votes. As governor of Massachusetts he was responsible for implementing a universal health care system in that state which many say is the template for Obamacare. Because America has shifted to the right, Romney is attempting to lure the very same conservative votes that he failed to get during his last attempt to win the Republican nomination for president.
Mitt Romney's campaign  has taken to calling Rick Perry, "Governor Sub-Zero."  It is understandable therefore that Rick Perry's campaign has decided to strike back at the Romney allegations with some real facts.

Rick Perry has created a business friendly atmosphere in Texas. He has cultivated good relationships with businessmen from all states, including California which is one of the reasons why businesses have relocated to Texas and new jobs have been created.  Because of the mass migration to Texas by job seekers from other states, the population in Texas increased by twenty percent in ten years.
Creating a work friendly environment with less regulations, has also affected our unemployment rate.  Newcomers from other states have in some intances displaced working Texans.  It's not a perfect situation, but it certainly is much better than what other states have.  As governor, Rick Perry has served our state for ten years and worked hard for his success.  Romney  on the other hand can only claim to have served and governed the state of Massachusetts for one term before he left to pursue other political positions, first as Senator from Massachusetts which he lost to Ted Kennedy and then as a GOP candidate for the presidency in 2008 where he was defeated by John McCain.
As Mitt Romney hammers away at Rick Perry's comments on Social Security, the Perry campaign is firing back with the truth.
Ray Sullivan, Rick Perry's Director of Communications issued a statement today that Mitt Romney “has been running for president full time for nearly five years, and has failed to issue a specific plan on Social Security.” “Mitt Romney’s own book compared Social Security to a criminal enterprise,” Sullivan said. *
We agree with Mr. Sullivan that Romney is "again sounding more like a Democrat as he has in the past, by scaring senior citizens," Romney does indeed, when it is convenient to him, act more like a Democrat than he does a Republican.
Governor Rick Perry and other conservatives know well that the Social Security program needs to be fixed to insure that if future generations of Americans receive some form of security from the money that they now pay in taxes. Mitt Romney cannot continue to act like a Democrat one day and then want the acceptance and the votes of conservatives and Republicans the next.

Romney does not posses the courage that Rick Perry and other conservatives have to be honest and plain spoken bringing to light the detrimental effects that federal over spending and a multitude of entitlement programs have on the American economy. We cannot imagine how much clearer Mr. Perry can be in reassuring the American voters that he will “work with citizens, experts and elected leaders to fix Social Security financing for future generations.”
Quite obviously Mitt Romney plans to use Rick Perry's book to blast at Rick Perry. We'd like to convey a message to Mr. Romney and his campaign, that we are perfectly capable of reading Perry's book for ourselves without having to listen to his spins and distortions.  Rick Perry is the one opponent that Romney most fears. Ron Paul, although he has won a few straw polls can never beat Obama and will never win the GOP nomination. Like Perry he too flip flops between political ideologies, and his stand on the American military is wholly unacceptable to most Americans. Michelle Bachman has not been able to wipe the egg off her face since she tried to attack Governor Perry on the Gardasil controversy which had long ago ceased to be an issue.
This week, most news casts in the electronic and printed media are focusing on the President of the Palestinian Authority, Mahmoud Abbas, who is in New York to apply for full membership at the United Nations. This is an issue which is of utmost important to the security of the United States and the stability of the Middle East, particularly the security of the State of Israel.
Governor Rick Perry is the only candidate who has already established a good working relationship  with the Israeli government.  He is also the only candidate with the courage to stand with Israel. As Orthodox activist Jeff Ballabon is quoted as saying, "The Middle East is deteriorating at breakneck speed. Rick Perry will be a steadfast friend in the White House and who knows that Israel is the solution, not the problem."  Some liberal Jews dislike Perry because he is an evangelical Christian and has aligned himself with the Tea Party since its inception. Let us assure them that Governor Perry's interest and support of Israel precede the Tea Party formation, and his religion does not affect his feelings for Israel and the Israeli people.
As it is with American politics and government today, Two Sisters From The Right believe that Rick Perry, not Mitt Romney is  the solution to  America's many crises, and problems. 

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