Friday, November 11, 2011

Reality Report

Two Sisters From The Right welcome to our page a new citizen journalist.  David L. DeFrees is a Rick Perry for President supporter as are we .  When he wrote this op-ed for a group to which we both belong, I asked for permission to post it on Two Sisters.  It is an excellent analysis of what we conservatives must do in order to oust Barack Hussein Obama and to bring a true conservative to the White House.  Rick Perry is a champion of conservative principles, and has the proven leadership to allow Americans to believe once again that America's best days are still ahead of us. Two Sisters would like to take this opportunity to thank David for letting us publish his words.  We've come to rely entirely too much on the words of the media commentators and pundits.  We believe it is time that voters started listening to one another. 
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Reality Report             

by David L DeFrees

Here is what I think would happen if the general election were held today.

Obama would be a dead bang winner!


Simple! Because slick Republican operatives just don't get it!

Enemy Situation:

Obama has 20 million illegals who will vote for him. How? What's stopping them? Two of the largest Liberal States, California and New York certainly aren't going to stop them because they want Obama to win.

Friendly Situation:

Romney can't win no matter how bad Obama is because vast numbers of Christians and/or pro- lifers won't vote for him.

Cain's positions are more aligned with the Democratic Party rather than the Republican Party Platform. Think about it. His 999 Tax plan introduces a National Sales Tax while keeping the Personal Income Tax in place, which the Liberals have always wanted. Further, he is not pro-life or pro-Second Amendment. 

In spite of how sympathetic a figure he becomes over these planned allegations of sexual misconduct, voters will wake up to these facts between now and next November and  they will stay home.  If you think about it for a minute, how can the Democrats lose over these allegations? If the allegations stick, a popular Republican candidate is neutralized. And if Cain becomes so sympathetic a figure that he wins, the Democrats still have one of their own in the White House and a proven Federal Reserve shill on call.

The liberal press will rip Newt Gignrich apart for his infidelity and extra marital affair.  Once again, a lot of Christians will not  vote for him because there are two  Newts. We are seeing the Conservative Newt in these debates, but there is another Newt. It's the Newt that can't talk to a liberal without talking like one.

The rest of the field, except for one candidate, has zero chance.

Rick Perry is the only GOP candidate that can inspire and mobilize the Christian and/or Tea Party support in sufficient numbers to win in spite of his questionable debate performance. Also, he may well get large numbers of, what we used to call Reagan Democrats to cross the aisle to vote for him.

Just as importantly, Rick Perry is the ONLY candidate that can garnish the Hispanic vote. This is because Hispanics view Perry as more rational in dealing with the illegal immigrants issue. In 2000 Bush got 44% of the Hispanic vote, while in 2008 McCain's percentage was half of that, and how did that work out for McCain?

I've got one last point to emphasize;  Rick Perry has no real personal angst with  the competitors whom he debates. This fact makes it difficult for a Christian man like Rick, to really go after them.  I am willing to bet that he'll have no such reservations about going after Obama on the stage of debate because Obama attacked Rick's beloved Texas. He will go after Obama like a Pit Bull after red meat!

The GOP has only two choices if it wants to beat Obama. Either support Rick Perry or find somebody better within the next couple weeks to run for President.

Copyright ©  David L. DeFrees November 2011