Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Conservative Voices of America for Rick Perry

Last night, many of us who have supported Governor Rick Perry since he entered the race for president suffered great disillusionment as our candidate finished fifth in the race in Iowa.  We have taken random postings from our fellow Perry supporters which were written in various pages on Facebook, and decided to share them with our readers.  They are posted anonymously, we know who they are, but what is important to read is not their names, but rather the heartfelt thoughts, and feelings expressed in their writing.  

These folks are true Conservatives.  They are our kind of people.  We comprise those who want to adhere to the Constitution of the United States.  We want leaders who are fiscally responsible.  We want our borders secured, and our homeland capable of defending herself militarily.   We want smaller government and less government intrusion in our private lives and in the business of our individual states. We want a leader who is not afraid to pray in public, and is not ashamed of his faith.   

We are the people who will fight against Socialism and corruption.  We experienced a setback in Iowa, but Governor Perry might just decide to continue in the race.  He does have a very important job, running the state of Texas and keeping it from going under as other states have. However America needs him.   

We don't ask for much.  We just want OUR America back, and we will not go away.

Two Sisters From The Right and Conservative Voices of America

I, for one, am very worried that Gov. Perry will drop out of this race.....why? Without him, there IS NO true conservative......I have NO candidate to pull for, support, and vote for.....I am left with Romney, a moderate, Paul, a nut case, Santorum and Gingrich, both big government and big spenders.

I am both shocked and dismayed by the sheer manipulation of Fox News and the stupidity of the voting public....I can understand Faux News pushing for a Romney nominee...why? Because if Romney won the general election.....nothing much would change....i.e...we would still have a mess....and Folks, bad news sells much better than good news...

What I can't understand is why the public is not smart enough to see thru Faux News and actually LOOK at each candidate, examine their records and size up their accomplishments.....if they did this...they, too, would see that Gov. Perry is the ONLY stark contrast to Bummer and the ONLY one who can help turn this country around...

Without an intelligent electorate.....America has maybe 15 good years best....but I feel that without an informed and involved electorate....America and her people will reap what they sow.....and they will deserve whatever hardships come because they have blindly been led to the point of no return......

Good luck, America, you will need it.

This business has me really upset way down deep, if you know what I mean. I am still trying to figure out exactly why Santorum surged from 1% to 20+% because it wasn't anything he did. And why Perry couldn't get past 10% no matter what he did. I understand that Rick Perry spent 5 million while Santorum spent about 30 thousand, but look at the results. I really would like to know what these kink makers are hiding from us. I feel like all of us here really put our hearts on the line for Perry and he likewise did the same for us. I have never felt so connected to a politician. The thought of him not being part of my life anymore is depressing, almost like a divorce. I sure hope he doesn't quit.

Regardless of what happens, I hope we can keep our group together as a force for good. We just may have to get a new mission. Anyway, give it some thought and let me know your ideas if Rick decides to remain in Texas.

Ron Paul hitched a ride on the Republican Party ticket, then hijacked it with indoctrinated young people and Democrats who switched parties thinking they were doing this country a favor! We are in a world of trouble and with voters like this, we are setting up for another Obama victory!
Governor Perry: We are so proud of you and the way that you have conducted yourself in this campaign, there aren't words to express it. You are a true Texan and we are thankful for you excellent leadership to our state for the last ten years.

 Many of us have worked very hard on your campaign through Facebook, emails and blogs. We know that the media and the RNC have not given you the respect, ...the support, and the exposure that others much less worthy than you have received. In our hearts, we who support you know that you are the best candidate for President of the United States. 

You are a man of honor, faith, integrity and above all have the proven leadership to get our country going again, and out of this socialist hole into which Barack Obama has placed us. I regret so much that those who voted in Iowa showed such lack of wisdom. The era when Americans thought for themselves seems to have passed and people are led as sheep by the media's pundits, and commentators. I have written in my about you and how the media has conspired with the elitist GOP establishment, the Washington insiders to cast a black out over your campaign and your message. 

It is our hope that when you return to Texas to reassess whether or not you will continue campaigning, that you know that we will support your decision 100%. The loser in this Iowa debacle is the GOP. We Texans will surely welcome you back as our governor. We thank you for your leadership, and for being an ideal governor for our state. God Bless You and the entire Perry family. May HE be with you and guide you as you gather your thoughts in the coming days. God Bless Texas and God Bless America.

Here is an excellent take on the Iowa results, and folks, we may not have heard the last from Perry and Gingrich. As Erickson says, "...Bachmann must drop out. Frankly, it makes sense for Perry to do so as well except for one issue.

If Rick Perry drops out of the race it will be the ultimate failure of the tea party movement to see the race come down to two or three big government conservatives.... Romney and Santorum both hide behind compassionate conservatism to expand the state to suit their purposes. Only Rick Perry has run a campaign to make Washington “as inconsequential to our lives as possible.”

In other words, again, the media is trying to control the results. Perry, please give SC a chance!

Last night the Republican Party lost me FOREVER. They lost me, and they lost my frequent contributions and membership. The Tea Party which I first attended on April 15, 2008 at the Alamo, in San Antonio, TX, lost me when they backed that deceitful, opportunistic, lecherous Herman Cain over Governor Rick Perry who attended the very first Tea Party in Austin on the same day I was in San Antonio. Right now I'm not worried about the Tea Party, they had a chance and blew it. Personally my main concern right now is the future of this great nation and the future of my children and grandchildren. My wish for them is to be able to enjoy the America in which I grew to adulthood.
And last but certainly not least, a word from one of the wisest Americans who ever lived.
"America will never be destroyed from the outside.  If we falter and lose our freedoms,  it will be because we destroyed ourselves." -Abraham Lincoln

On to South Carolina!



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