Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Will The Real POTUS, Please Stand Up!

The article below, written by D.L. Hammack,  appeared in The American Thinker blog.  We think it is uncanny sometimes how political cartoonists are right in step with Conservative writers and commentators.  The Michael Ramirez cartoon appeared in IBD Editorials. We couldn't resist combining the two.

When the going gets tough...the tough get a stand in?

D.L. Hammack

The past Friday, the fears of many conservatives were confirmed: This man who wears the title of President is in way over his head.

The spectacle that took place in the White House, where former President Bill Clinton came to the rescue of our "too busy to be bothered" leader, was just another indication of how overwhelmed and under-concerned this man is for the future of America.

To cede the Presidential podium to a stand-in while trying to feign concern over the pending tax legislation bill that had been proposed is cowardly. To walk away from that podium - to escape from that moment using the little woman as an excuse is abominable! We were given a front row seat to a President who felt his Christmas party with the Mrs. was more important than the potential tax increases that would face 100% of all Americans on January 1st.

At what point will the issues regarding Americans finally touch the sensitivities of the President? Can you imagine him calling for a stand-in during a pickup game where he is forced to shoot a 3-pointer from the baseline? I don't see that happening. When he's got a long bunker shot with a long iron and the lip to the bunker is precariously positioned between him and the green, would you expect to see him call for his envoy to take that shot? Doubtful.
Our President, in no uncertain terms, has communicated to us, once again, that he simply doesn't have the time to deal with the trivialities of governing.

The bottom line is this: If it's important to the man, then he'll take care of it himself. If not, delegate, beg or buy someone to do the dirty work for him. With this new sense of Presidential prowess-that is giving his duties to others: I can only hope that when it comes time to deal with Iran or North Korea that the man will once again step aside and let someone like John Bolton take the podium for him! G.W.B. Keep the suit pressed and cleaned.


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