Thursday, March 10, 2011

Obama “Hat Tips” His Religion with $770 Million of Your Dollars

By Rich Carroll

Obama and Odinga
Just when you think the Manchurian Moon Bat can't do anything more to degrade to destroy the United States up-pops another piece of radical liberal insanity. The slobbering love affair between Obama and his lefty loons and radical Islamic headbangers continues. For almost two years now this administration has been secretly funding the refurbishing of Islamic mosques around the globe. That's right; we are in an economic crisis but Obama is taking care of his “boys” by sneaking your tax dollars circuitously through the U.S. Agency for International Development to fix up mosques. (USAID was the umbrella organization for Air America CIA operations in Vietnam which became Southern Air Transport out of Miami following our withdrawal from the war).

According to the Washington Times your government is prohibited from refurbishing structures used for “inherently religious activities.” Obamaramadingdong is breaking the laws established by our Constitution. Aside from being illegal, you have to question the hutzpah of someone who doesn't hesitate to ban prayers in schools, at football games and graduation ceremonies and prohibits the posting of the Ten Commandments or crosses on public grounds, but has no problem giving your money to help Muslims fix-up Islamic houses of worship. How many Christian churches within the borders of the United States could use this kind of money? How many inner city ghetto slums could use these funds? How many schools in the United States would $770 million “refurbish?” How many homes in foreclosure could be saved with this money?

Obama's Muslim mess only gets worse. Part of the “funding” includes updating Islamic internet service. Sure, let's assist outfits like Al Qaeda with better computer service!

This “gift” to Islam is followed by Obama giving his radical Muslim cousin $23 million American tax dollars to get Sharia put into the Kenyan Constitution. Why would an American President spend YOUR money to insure another sovereign nation became more radicalized in Islamic law?

Is there any question WHO Obama really works for?

Barack Hussein and his crooks over in the State Department headed-up by another Saul Alinsky disciple Hillary Clinton, got caught by an audit. Yes they tried to hide their anti-American clandestine shenanigans from you (us) and got caught by the bean counters. Imagine that!

Left-wing lunatics give things to our enemies in the hope that groveling will “appease” them, when in reality the non-combatant surrender monkeys create more problems down the road. Tough enemies consider this action weak, and, like the bully who keeps taking your lunch money, will eventually demand more.

You can read this and nod in agreement and do nothing else, or, you can forward this message to everyone you know including your state politicians with a little added “outrage.” Do nothing and this Muslim Administration will continue to walk all over us (while squandering our money to the enemies of our nation).

Copyright © Rich Carroll - 2011


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