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Parts II and III - Islam: A system of Living Masquerading as a Religion

We've taken editorial license and bring you the last two parts of this fascinating document in one posting.  Mr. Olsen has ably condensed the major tenets of Islam.  Only those who are very indifferent about the fate of our nation can pass up a read such as this one.  We've said often in this blog:  "forewarned is forearmed."  The warning could not be any more clear than Robert Olsen's essay.  Take heed!
Two Sisters

Islam:  A system of Living Masquerading as a Religion
by Robert H. Olsen

Parts II and III

 Regarding this holy book of Islam (The Qur'an), it is one of the three most holy books of Islam and of the three the Qur'an is the most holy. The other two books are known as the Hadith and the Sunnah. Basically, the Hadith covers the words and deeds of Mohammad while the Sunnah covers the sayings and living habits of Mohammad. Although not in the top three books of Islam the Figh, the Kalam and the Sufism are also among those sought for information regarding Islam.

All followers of Islam state clearly that every word in the Qur'an is from Allah, and since Allah is god and all he does is perfect, nothing can be changed. This is supported within the Qur'an. Every word is supposed to be perfect because it came from Allah who dictated every word of the Qur’an to the Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. Further to this, the original Qur’an was written in Arabic; the language at that time and place. One translator has found that there are approximately two hundred and seventy non-Arabic words used in the Qur’an. This opens up for questioning many areas of the Qur’an. Beyond this, Dr. Gerd Rudiger Puin, a German scholar and the world’s foremost authority on Qur’anic paleography said, “….the fact is that a fifth of the Qur’anic text is just incomprehensible. …… That is why Muslims are afraid. Since the Qur’an claims repeatedly to be clear but is not—there is an obvious and serious contradiction.”

Many followers of Islam state that they are peaceful and loving and that the Qur'an supports that statement. To put it bluntly, that is true but only IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF THE QURAN. Yes, that is correct, IF YOU DON'T FOLLOW THE TEACHINGS OF THE QURAN. Like much of Islam, it can get very confusing. So let’s talk about “Abrogation”. It states clearly within the Qur'an that many early statements made by Allah through Mohammad are to be abrogated. This means that these early verses are to be replaced by later verses. If you study the Qur'an closely, you can read that Allah dictated the Qur’an to Mohammad. Also, depending on the Qur’an you are reading, the Archangel Gabriel dictated the Qur’an to Mohammad.

Further study will show that while in Mecca where Mohammad started Islam (the early years) in or around 610 AD, the Qur'an shows that his teachings were not militant. This was between 610AD and 613AD. During this time period his followers numbered about 50 and were made up mostly of his family members. The people of Mecca grew more and more unhappy with Mohammad and eventually he moved his followers to Medina where his ministry grew by leaps and bounds as Mohammad turned militant. His army grew as he granted them (the soldiers) the spoils of all those that were conquered. For those that did not join his army, the army gave the people the opportunity to save themselves from death by declaring or becoming a Muslim. Obviously the movement (Islam) grew without stopping up to and including today.

There are many translations of the Qur'an (that among Islamists are mostly inaccurate translations). I suggest you read a Qur'an that has been translated from the original Arabic language into English. Many Qur’ans have been whitewashed by turning words or sentences from one meaning into another. The direct translation from the original Arabic into English starts out by saying that the Holy Qur'an (as we have heard it referred to) is not a correct translation; rather it should be the Generous Qur'an. “They began by naming it holy (even though the word holy does not exist in its title in the original Arabic), then they present it as peaceful and loving (even though there is not any peace or love in it) and finally they present their leader, the fabricator of their cult, as a prophet (even though he did not prophesy anything).” This verse is being quoted directly from Usama Dakdok’s translation of The Generous Qur'an, copyright 2009 by Usama Dakdok.

Usama Dakdok says it best on the back flyleaf of his book The Generous Qur’an. “With Arabic as my first language, yet traveling and speaking in the English world, I sought for years to find an accurate English translation of the Qur’an. Many translations have been created in order to “sugar-coat” the Qur’an and to soften its real message. Even though Muslim clerics have issued a fatwa (a death decree for any person who tries to translate the Qur’an), four years ago I felt compelled to translate the Qur’an accurately into English. With the great help of many friends and scholars who have given of their time and effort, this translation has been completed. As we examine every word and every sentence with the magnifying lens of truth, the reader will discover that the Qur’an contains little more than repetitive legends, contradictions and corrupted selections that have been borrowed from the Bible.

Many ask the question: “Why do Muslims terrorize and hate Jews, Christians and others?” The true answer has been suppressed by Muslim leaders and by some in the media. Many believe that terrorists are just extremists or Islamic fascists, but a simple reading will reveal that the Qur’an itself is the source of terror. Islam is continually touted as “a religion of peace,” yet the Qur’an itself does not call for “peace”. Indeed, “Islam” does not mean “peace” because they do not know what the Qur’an truly says, or they do not presently have the “upper hand”. Listen to what the Qur’an itself commands and consider it well:

So do not be weak and do not call for peace when you have the upper hand. And Allah is with you, and he will not leave from you [for] your work. (The generous Qur’an 47:35)”

In his book Prophecy 20/20 Dr. Chuck Missler (founder of Koinonia House) states: “When Islam was broke, it could be dismissed as simply an attempt to impose the culture of seventh-century Arabia upon the ignorant and disenfranchised. However, now enriched by oil revenues, in control of the heroin trade, and armed with nuclear weapons, Islam can no longer be ignored. We each must understand the origin, agenda, and methods of this movement aggressively committed to our destruction.” He goes on to say “the Qur’an is a warrior code committed to global conquest—by the sword, if necessary.”

In his book Unleashing the Beast Perry Stone is discussing how Islam will control all things in their kingdom when they take over the world: “Before 9/11, no one could see such a kingdom coming in America except a few high-level officials in federal intelligence agencies. Since 9/11, seldom a day passes without an Islamic nation (such as Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, and Pakistan) making headline news. Fanatical Islamic regimes such as Hamas and Hezbollah are spewing fiery rhetoric like flaming swords from their mouths in hopes of spreading their message of, [Death to the little Satan, Israel, and death to the great Satan, America].”

So I say again, we are up against something that our founding fathers and our existing Constitution never envisioned and certainly never saw coming to the United States, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Therefore it is time for each of us to remove our veil of ignorance and learn of this BEAST we have in America called ISLAM. It is time to stand up, speak up and insist that this “system of living” (NOT A RELIGION) must be stopped.

I will leave you with this thought: Mr. John Hagee in his book Jerusalem Countdown issues a warning to the world that you would do well to heed.

“What are Muslims taught to do to the people who resist Islam? The Qur’an teaches: “Fight and slay the Pagans wherever you find them, and seize them, beleaguer them, and lie in wait for them in every stratagem (of war).” Surah 9:5  “The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and His Messenger, and strive with might and main for mischief through the land is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, or exile from the land: that is their disgrace in this world, and a heavy punishment is theirs in the Hereafter." Surah 5:33

The ultimate goal of Muslim people who follow the Qur’an and Sharia is to introduce full Sharia as widely as possible in the world, and thus create an Islamic state similar to that in Medina in Muhammad’s time. This will occur in one or more of these ways:

A. Physical War
B. Immigration
C. Birth Rate Increase

At this point, B. and C. have already started here in the United States: B. and C. have already happened in Europe were there is no need for a physical war. This happens simply because most countries have determined that a smaller birth rate is desirable so its population growth rate starts to slow or even shrink. When Muslims come into a country, they enlarge the birth rate because the number of children born to a Muslim woman is many times more than to other women. Follow that increase in birth rate with the concept of having more than one wife and soon, very soon it takes a population switch and then involvement in local government and eventually into federal government to make the changes necessary to hasten and succeed with their Ultimate Goal.

So, as an American what do we do? Do we sit by and watch as our United States gets pulled from under us? Do we ignore a “system of living” that has stated clearly what its intentions are? Do we protect our way of living and our Great Country?

Yes! We stand up for what is right. We remove political correctness from our language. We must learn about our enemy by finding out all information possible. Finally, believing in The Constitution of the United States and our laws, we must denounce Islam as a religion and system of living by passing laws to remove it from our country.

Robert H. Olsen

You may email Robert Olsen at  All correspondence will be forwarded to him.

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