Friday, May 20, 2011

Are You Fed-up with the Squatter-in-Chief Rubbing Your Nose in Islamic Dirt?

By Rich Carroll

Our pandering to dar al Islam continues at absurd levels – and at U.S. Taxpayer expense via one Barack Hussein Obama who has made outreach to the Muslim world a cornerstone of his presidency. He doesn't want his Koranimals to be recognized as a “culture of terrorism,” and dismisses the 17,212 Muslim terrorist attacks since 911, and doesn't want you know Islam's contributions to peace this week:

  • May 16 – A woman and child among 3 civilians killed by a Taliban rocket this week in Kunar, Afghanistan.
  • May 17 – A Muslim suicide bomber detonates a bomb in Aktobe, Kazakhstan killing 6.
  • May 17 – Two tribesmen are abducted and murdered by Taliban in Waziristan, Pakistan
  • May 17 – Sapore, India, policeman gunned-down by Islamic terrorists
  • May 18 – Jalalabad, Afghanistan, a holy warrior detonates along a congested street murdering 13 innocent people
  • May 18 – Six Shias riding in a van are machine gunned by Sunni Muslim terrorists.
If you would like to keep-up with the weekly slaughterings by the Koranimals, visit as a source of truth.

This week Obama will announce “renewed Muslim outreach” (not that it ever slowed-down). His announcement comes at a time when Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood are busy establishing Sharia law under the guise of “democracy.” The Center for Security Policy released a study on May 17, 2011 evaluating 50 appellate court cases from 23 states that involve conflicts between Islamic law and American state law. The analysis finds that Sharia has been applied or formally recognized in state court decisions, in conflict with the Constitution and state public policy.

Ladies and gentlemen; this is a frightening wake-up call for you. Other taxpayer sponsored programs of recent originating out of our White House:

  • U.S. Attorney's give employment seminar to Muslims at Fresno Mosque (video)
  • U.S. Attorney's in Tennessee submit teachers, principals, and police to Muslim “sensitivity training.”
  • FBI, DOJ, DHS assure Muslim leaders they are exempt from scrutiny
  • State Department turns to unindicted co-conspirator for reaction to bin Laden
  • DOJ files legal brief in support of a Tennessee mosque
  • Obama civil rights boss and U.S. Attorney visit California mosque (video)
  • American diplomats world-wide are on Arab television and radio promoting Obama's upcoming speech on May 23rd.
Obama has access to the nuclear suitcase, overthrowing secular regimes throughout the Middle East with plans on replacing them with radical Islamic governments ruled by harsh Sharia Law.

Obama is recorded saying “The Holy Qur'an tells us...” 22 times. Has Obama ever said “The Holy Bible tells us?” Never! Barack Hussein's background appears to be a case study in identity theft. He has dishonored the Presidential oath of office, eroded the Constitution and followed an agenda to diminish America. Useful idiots among the Obama progressives, in their obsession to subvert America, have allied themselves with radical Islam or turned a blind eye to the clandestine Islamization of our country.

Obama's plans to crush us and assist in ushering-in Sharia would include:
  • Spending us into stone age bankruptcy
  • Growing public sector jobs and empowering public sector unions
  • Increased dependency and regulation
  • Open borders
  • Limiting free speech (internet censoring)
  • Assisting with the introduction of Sharia Law.
Obama has ended NSEERS counter-terrorism program by stopping the
registration of Muslims entering the U.S. From terrorist sponsored nations. Priorto Obama stopping this program, it was responsible for deporting 2,870 Muslim refugees with ties to terrorist organizations.

Check your local tax payer funded university law school and see how many Sharia law courses they teach with YOUR money in your community. You will be shocked!

Barack Hussein Obama appears to define himself as committed to defying the cruel assault of corporate America and the financial elite against the poor and working men and women, and that justice shall never be sacrificed at the altar of power. His “thinking” is straight out of communist playbook. Obama considers his “Muslims” as part of the weak and vulnerable, ignoring the daily slaughter from this murdering cult; ignoring the fact we spend $650 billion dollars a year to protect us from MUSLIM terrorism while spewing “peaceful Muslims” from the other side of his mouth.

We the people are done with his lying bullsh*t, this deception about being American, and his cover-up for the one nation of Islam approaching caliphate. This Manchurian Moon Bat is their agent. Begin grasping this fact or stay-tuned for the Islamic destruction of your country.

Copyright May, 2011- Rich Carroll



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