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"Where's The Birth Certificate?" - A Review of Corsi's Book

We are thoroughly baffled by the media's reluctance to pursue the issue of the authenticity of Barack Hussein Obama's birth certificate.  We see the media go to great pains to dig every possible detail from other lurid stories that don't have the impact on our history that this story does.  On some level we understand the price that would be paid if this man were proven to be not eligible to serve as president.  We don't know the legalities involved but assume that every law he ever signed, every treaty he ever made would have to be declared null and void.  Would it not?  Do we abide by laws inflicted upon us by an impostor?

We recently saw a three part video which demonstrated how the document recently released by the White House could have been altered and, well, there's no other word for it, falsified, faked! Someone in the comments section of this article reflected what many believe, that even if proven not to be authentic, nothing will happen.  As he said: "Barack Obama could stand on the roof of the White House and yell, I was born in Kenya and so was my father, and nothing would come of it!"  What happened to our people's quest for truth, justice and the American way?

If Barack Hussein Obama was not born in the United States, he has illegally taken the office of the presidency of the United States.  That is a criminal action, as is the cover up that followed to perpetrate this hoax upon the American people.  It does not seem that in this particular case, justice will prevail.  As concerned citizens we have only one way to resolve this issue and that is to vote him out office in November 2012.  That leaves us some eighteen months to continue living with this lie, and allowing him to destroy our way of life as we've always known it.
Two Sisters

Corsi Book An Important One

By Jack Cashill

Perhaps more importantly, the book illuminates the David and Goliath dust-up between old school journalists like Corsi and the anti-journalists who now dominates the media. Although the outcome remains in doubt, the terms of battle do not. And unless those terms are changed, the Goliath media will continue its inexorable drift towards Pravda-style journalism.

Corsi's book could help level the battlefield. He is the Joe Friday of reporters, "Just the facts, ma'm." Even the skeptical reader will have to appreciate how conscientiously he makes his case that Barack Obama's eligibility is by no means a given. And for all its attention to detail, the book is well paced and always engaging.

In the way of disclosure, Corsi and I are both affiliated with the journal at the center of the controversy, WorldNetDaily (WND), Corsi more formally than I. WND Books, in fact, published Where's the Birth Certificate? I chose Simon & Schuster for my recent book, Deconstructing Obama, thinking that its reputation would help me penetrate the anti-journalism force field that protects the president. I was kidding myself.

As I have come to learn firsthand, the anti-journalist does not seek to report the news. The anti-journalist attacks the people who do report the news or, just as likely, ignores them completely. When in attack mode, the anti-journalist disregards the facts and dismisses the fact finder as partisan, whacko, reckless, and inevitably, in regard to Obama, racist. No reporter in America knows this form of abuse better than Harvard Ph.D. Jerome Corsi.

Corsi does not deserve it. In his book, he carefully walks the reader through what would seem to be an important issue, a candidate's constitutional eligibility to be president of the United States. As Corsi documents, that issue certainly seemed important when John McCain emerged as the likely Republican nominee for president in 2008.

"McCain's Canal Zone Birth Prompts Queries About Whether That Rules Him Out," screamed a New York Times headline in late February 2008, one of many such articles questioning McCain's eligibility. The United States Senate took the question seriously enough to hold hearings on the matter, and even after the Senate decided in McCain's favor, the Washington Post questioned whether "Senate Resolution 511 was sufficient to prove that McCain was a natural-born citizen."

Corsi provides a useful history into the thinking that informed Article 2, Section 1 of the United States Constitution, the natural-born citizenship clause. In brief, the founders did not want a president with divided loyalties. Regardless of where Obama was born, the fact that his presumed father was a British citizen at the time of Obama's birth, and had every intention of remaining one, made Obama's case at least as worthy of adjudication as McCain's.

But that was not to be. From the beginning, one questioned Obama's eligibility, indeed any of his credentials, at his own risk. The introductory section of Corsi's book shows those who may have forgotten with what incredible impunity the Obama campaign was allowed to proceed.

In March 2008, contract employees for the State Department were caught breaching the passport files of the three still viable presidential candidates, Obama, McCain, and Hillary Clinton. While the media allowed Obama to pontificate about the sanctity of confidential records, they spared the public the knowledge that Obama's file was uniquely visited on three occasions and that that visitor just happened to work for Obama adviser John Brennan, now Deputy National Security Adviser. Two weeks later, Obama first disclosed that he had visited Pakistan in 1981, a fact curiously missing from both of his books. The media predictably averted their gaze.

Unlike every other candidate in modern presidential history, Obama did not choose to share any of his essential documents, and the media happily obliged him. As Corsi details, Obama has shielded those records involved with his adoption, his kindergarten, Punahou School, Occidental College, his passport and travel, Columbia University (including his senior thesis), Harvard Law School, his medical history, his Chicago law practice, his State Senate career, as well as his SAT and LSAT scores, and, until recently, his very birth certificate.

Then, too, there is the question of Obama's Connecticut-based Social Security number, a question that Corsi tackles, but the media inevitably dodge.

In a telling incident from late October 2007, the New York Times offered the then underdog Obama a chance to reconcile the account of his New York years in Dreams from My Father with the accounts of those who knew him. "Yet he declined repeated requests to talk about his New York years, release his Columbia transcript or identify even a single fellow student, co-worker, roommate or friend from those years."

A campaign spokesman, Ben LaBolt, offered a conspicuously lame explanation for Obama's reticence: "He doesn't remember the names of a lot of people in his life." Lame or not, it worked. Obama's indifference to the facts on the ground may have shocked the Times, but it did not exactly shock the Times or any other media outlet into action.

Ironically, of course, Obama won his U.S. Senate seat in Illinois only after the Chicago Tribune, likely at the prodding of Team Obama, forced both his primary and then his general election opponent to unseal their unseemly, and ultimately lethal, divorce records.

Of all the records, however, none is important as the birth certificate, the ultimate symbol of Obama's cryptic origins. Until the release of the birth certificate on April 27, I had assumed that Obama was born in, if not Hawaii, at least in the United States, the State of Washington, where he was first sighted as a three-week-old by his mother's friends.

A series of events has made me question my assumptions. One is the release a week after the birth certificate of A Singular Woman, the book about Obama's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham. I had expected the book's author, New York Times reporter Janny Scott, to clarify any remaining questions about Obama's birth given her two-plus years of research. In fact, however, she does the opposite.

Scott describes the Maui wedding of Obama's presumed parents with the word "reportedly." She tells us not one word about Dunham's whereabouts from the February 1961 wedding to the August 1961 birth. She offers no baby pictures, no tales of trips to the hospital or anxious grandparents, no account of how Dunham got from Hawaii to Seattle. Indeed, Scott purposely fudges the timeline of Dunham's Seattle exodus. Scott almost forces the informed reader to wonder what she is hiding.

The recent posting of Barack Obama Sr.'s INS records has likewise increased my skepticism. In September 2010, Heather Smathers of the Arizona Independent requested these records through the Freedom of Information Act. She received them in CD form on April 18, 2011, and posted them on April 26. The next day Obama produced his birth certificate.

In the 55-page release, only one page is fully handwritten by an INS official. That memo conveniently insists that "Barack Obama II" -- the same odd locution as on the birth certificate -- was born in Honolulu on "8/4/1961."

Most problematic is the content of the dramatically released birth certificate. Corsi does an excellent job documenting the many efforts made to keep that certificate from public view, efforts that put huge demands on Hawaii officialdom, engaged federal courts in needless ways, and, most inexcusably, sent Lt. Col. Terry Lakin to prison. If the birth certificate is, in fact, as innocuous as it appears, a real reporter has to ask why all the efforts to conceal it.

A real reporter also has to at least examine a document this controversial and long concealed. These past few weeks, Corsi and WND have been doing just that with interesting results. Meanwhile, the anti-journalists sit back and snipe at them. And the least sensible of these snipers, alas, are the anti-journalists of the right.

Copyright May 18, 2012 - American Thinker 

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At May 19, 2011 at 4:30 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Politicians can become president. Only leaders can effectively serve as Commander-in-Chief.

Teenagers and young adults who proudly don uniforms of our armed forces, fight our wars, and many who return from battle crippled or dead, have far more integrity than Obama.

See The Military's Moral Dilemma article at World Net Daily.

How can Obama stand saluting over the caskets of America's youth returning home from war in flagged-draped coffins when he cannot lead them by his example?

At May 19, 2011 at 4:31 AM , Anonymous AmericaFirst said...

The only reason Obama released the phony long-form when he did was to try and stop 13 states from approving legislation this spring and summer requiring eligibility vetting before candidates' names can appear on ballots. For some states, the long-form will suffice...unless the people of the state raise the validity of the document. Other states are demanding more comprehensive requirements for evidence (like legal investigation and ruling on his father not being a U.S. citizen, his use of a foreign passport as an adult, any foreign student status or financial aid as one). He also probably released it to delay and put into brief tailspins some eligibility court cases against him that were gaining significant legal standing.

Obama surely didn't want to show any of his cards, let alone lay a high one down on the table. This was a necessary step of desperate temporary survival. A stupid move. Now the issue of his father's foreign citizenship will be center stage, an issue which cannot conveniently be hidden deep in Hawaii's halls of darkness. It demands judicial ruling under full public, national scrutiny. That alone could keep him off 2012 ballots in some states.

Team Obama is flapping around like a dying fish on a beach, until early next year when a legal tsunami hits them in several states. Dems will ride everything on one candidate and have all this come down on them...and unfortunately on America. But Obama doesn't care about America, or Hawaii, or Illinois, or Kenya, or anyone forced or freely covering up for him. He's selfish and will implode.

At May 19, 2011 at 4:31 AM , Anonymous HawaiiSurfer said...

Brian Schatz signs official campaign document showing missing statement that presidential candidate was Constitutionally qualified.

Brian Schatz, Hawaii's new Lt Governor and former State Democratic Party Chair during the 2008 election, signed a state certification letter authorizing the Obama-Biden ticket to be on Hawaii's ballot. Brian knew full-well this Aug 27, 08 document he authorized, signed and released was crafted with wording "clearly omitting" the certification the presidential candidate was Constitutionally qualified. In stark contrast, two predecessors from Brian's own Hawaii Democratic Party, Brikwood Galuteria and Alfred Lardizabul, did the right thing by clearly certifying John Kerry in 2004 and Al Gore in 2000 as Constitutionally qualified candidates. If we went back further in time, we'd probably find Brian's actions as Democratic Party Chair are in clear contrast to far more than just documentation of the last few presidential elections. Brian most likely is not to fault in everything related to this. Many hands across our nation appear to have been deep in the cookie jar. The democratic party was fed a bad deal with what is clearly one of the biggest frauds in American history. Good people should have stopped it. Brian Schatz seems like a wonderful person. I'm sure Brian has done many great things for Hawaii's communities but that does not excuse any elected or appointed leader from actions of this weight and consequence. This is a felony.

Our country has gone down a road where our children look up and wonder if anyone in leadership has integrity. Few leaders have touched an honest approach to the shadowy skullduggery surrounding the 2008 election...and the world is just suppose to be okay with it.

Teenagers and young adults are in tune with what is going on and watching to see how we make decisions and lead. We can't blame them for not being engaged if we can't make them believe that "right" is worth championing for.

Our children and neighbors deserve much better.


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