Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Living With Change

I’ve not written in a few days because I’ve tried very hard, really, to carefully weigh my words when I begin to write an opinion piece.  After much thought I’ve decided that this is MY blog, and my attempts at political correctness betray all that I am.   I am political, and I am usually courteous and behave correctly, but, I am NOT  politically correct because someone mandates it.  I want readers to read my blog, not because I write what they want to hear, but rather because I write what I believe.  What good does it do for me to have taught my children, “To thine own self be true,” if I don’t practice it myself.

My sister and I began writing Two Sisters From The Right in 2007.  The office of president was up for grabs, and we knew that a war weary nation would look for a president who promised to make changes.   When Barack Hussein Obama erupted on the scene, we knew we had to try to convince our fellow citizens that an Obama presidency would be hurtful to the country.   In 2009, when our mother who had always had great influence in our political beliefs passed away suddenly, we stopped writing. 

This coming month I will celebrate one year of bringing this new version of Two Sisters.  The fact is that although my sister and I speak on the phone, email one another, and discuss the topics that I write about and print, I am solely responsible for the content of this blog.  My sister is a marvelous writer, and the success of our previous blog was due in great part to her work, her effort and her computer knowledge. However, she has chosen not to write this time around.  As is natural with siblings, we haven’t always agreed on issues, and there are some important issues  at this time on which we are not in accord.  Even so, I will continue to write using the plural “we” because the opinions expressed here are often the collective thoughts of those who inspire and influence me. 

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the readers who have made it possible for this little blog to have gotten nearly 23,000 page views since October of 2010.  This blog is a labor of love.  Certainly no money is made, and the only investment is my time.  We do so because we love our country, we revere the vision of our founding fathers,  we do not apologize for this great nation, and we want the best for the future of the United States of America.

Blogger, is a system provided by Google which makes it easy for non-professional writers to blog.  There are now some new changes to the Blogger interface which will enhance the blogging experience.  I need some time to learn how to make the transition.  Two Sisters From The Right will continue to bring interesting reads through our Facebook page. Readers need only type in Two Sisters From The Right in the Facebook search bar, and click.   Thank you very much for your patience and above all, thank you for your readership and your support.  See you in a few days.

Sister One, writing for Two Sisters From The Right.



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