Saturday, March 3, 2012

In The News

Two Sisters From The Right return from an extended hiatus by bringing you some of the best internet reads on pertinent subjects in the news this week.  We welcome your input and submitted writing as well.  Two Sisters will not endorse any GOP candidates until one is chosen at the GOP convention.  We are very distraught by the happenings in the Republican Party and will put our effort behind supporting the ABO Movement...ANYONE BUT OBAMA.

Sister One for Two Sisters From The Right


Mark Levin Tells Media 'Go to Hell' - 'You’re Not Going to Succeed in Driving Rush Limbaugh From the Airwaves'

Noel Sheppard      Newsbusters
Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin took to the airwaves Friday to defend Rush Limbaugh from all the media attacks he's receiving over his comments regarding Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke.
"You’re not going to succeed in driving Rush Limbaugh from the airwaves...In fact, I think I speak for tens of millions of Americans when I say you can go to hell" (video available here, partial transcript follows)
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I Stand Uncorrected

Thanks to the Republican presidential race, political correctness has taken a beating it won't recover from.
All around me I hear nothing about this presidential primary campaign but those onomatopoeic grr words. You know the ones…grimacing, grinding, griping, grouching, grousing, grudging, grumbling, grumping. Romney's chauffeur is parking the Cadillac too conspicuously and Gingrich's bellhop is collapsing under the weight of his baggage and Santorum's priest is tripping over his cassock and Paul's wizard is suffocating under his hood. No one is any good and you don't need a crystal ball to see Obama's Inaugural Ball.
But to be honest, I am having the time of my life. Perhaps foolishly, I have stopped keeping score of the hassling and the tussling between the guys. Whoever wins will have my vote unless his name is Paul, on his road to non-intervention in Damascus, in which case my anti-anti-Semitism will prevail over my anti-anti-Constitutionalism. I can sleep at night with either Romney or Gingrich or Santorum as President, with the added bonus that Romney may put me to sleep by day as well.
My overall sense remains one of exultation. These candidates may or may not defeat Obama, but two of them, Gingrich and Santorum, have accomplished a far more significant victory, one which may hold greater ramifications. Between them they are dismantling, piece by brittle piece, the structure of political correctness that has stifled our debate in this society for decades. Read More

Andrew Breitbart: How Do We Replace the Irreplaceable?

by John Ondrasik
I loved Andrew Breitbart.
Ironically, it took an Andrew Breitbart to give me the courage to say publicly that I could love an Andrew Breitbart.
Andrew had the back of those who, worried about a backlash to their livelihood. He was the bodyguard, the kid who stood up to the bullies. He was the bouncer you couldn’t elbow out of the doorway.
His best friend was his childhood pal and business partner, Larry. For many of us, though, Andrew was our best friend. If we didn’t have a brother, he filled that void. If we needed a mentor, he fit the bill. If we desired a third child, there was Andrew. For all of his incredible energy and gifts, it was, at times, like caring for a wild-eyed teenager with no sense of time and space. We didn’t mind taking him in, in fact, we arm-wrestled for the chance.

Many of us, including Andrew, live and lived for our nation’s military. I’ve often asked young American soldiers how they deal with the death of a buddy in combat. How do you keep going, do your job, continue to live and push forward? The answers are all profound and different. I will never have the courage of our nation’s bravest, but for the first time in my life, I have a sense of that empty foxhole. That notion, that though the fight is right, a chunk of me is gone — never to be filled.

There are great stories floating around about Andrew, and I have them too. I’m just too sad to lay them out.  Read More

WaPo laces Obama-Netanyahu summit with anti-Israel poison pills

Leo Rennert

In the run-up to President Obama's summit with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, the president gave an interview to Atlantic Magazine during which he ratcheted up his warnings that the United States is prepared to use military force, if necessary, to prevent Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons.
"When I say we're not taking any option off the table, we mean it," Obama declared. Asked to elaborate on what options he has in mind, he replied: "It includes a military component." That's news, coming from a president of the United States.

Obama said he's confident that Israel takes him at his word. "The Israeli government recognizes that, as president of the United States, I don't bluff," he remarked. "Both the Iranian and the Israeli government recognize that when the United States says it is unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapons, we mean what we say."

Obama also made news by emphasizing that blocking Iran from going nuclear "isn't just in the interests of Israel, it is profoundly in the security interests of the United States" because of critical risks that an Iranian nuclear arsenal could leach such weapons to terrorist organizations and start a nuclear arms race in the most volatile region of the world.  Read More

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At March 3, 2012 at 6:48 PM , Anonymous Liz said...

Welcome back!!!! I've missed you. You keep me informed.

At July 14, 2012 at 10:07 AM , Anonymous Map of Ancient Greece said...

Smart and good another post admin :)
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