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Herman Cain's Insensitivity

Posted by Sister One

American Minority
Although illegal immigration has come to play a very important role in the 2012 presidential elections, no other candidate has come up with a more unrealistic, insensitive, violent, and offensive solution to the border problems than Herman Cain. 

In July of this year, speaking to a rally in Iowa, Cain proposed his solution to illegal immigration along the Mexican border. Cain said that he had just returned from China where he had seen immigration inspiration in the nation’s Great Wall.
“It looks pretty sturdy. And that sucker is real high. I think we can build one if we want to!” said the 65-year old to a cheering crowd. “We have put a man on the moon, we can build a fence! Now, my fence might be part Great Wall and part electrical technology.”

He described his proposed wall as “twenty foot” with barbed wire, “electrified on the top” and with a “moat” filled with alligators on the U.S. side." 

Obama had recently joked that an alligator filled moat was what Republicans wanted to keep illegal Mexicans out of the United States. Republicans at the time were offended that Obama would attribute such a hateful solution to them, yet they laughed when Cain echoed his words. Such a fact is disturbing to us and disturbing to many Hispanic voters as well.
“His recent comments and lack of practical solutions to solving illegal immigration show he’s not a serious candidate," the Arizona based GOP anti immigration law "Somos Republicans" group wrote in a statement later released. "We call on Herman Cain to drop his candidacy for president.”  
Although it might seem strange that we who support immigration laws, and immigration reform are quoting this group, we have to acknowledge that their influence on the Hispanic vote is significant, and we agree that we must all strive to unite our differences in order to arrive at a workable solution to the ever increasing problem of illegal immigration.
After quoting statistics on how the agricultural business in states like Arizona and Georgia were hurting when migrant labor was difficult to find, the Somos Republicans continued: "Ironically, the fast food industry is one of the sectors of our economy that is heavily dependent on undocumented immigrant workers, so we can't help but wonder if Cain's wealth from this industry was built on undocumented immigrant labor!"
Let us view this situation realistically. Although the Somos Republicans group is large and very vocal pro immigration group, there are many Hispanics who oppose illegal immigration, who are active in state  and national politics, are Tea Party activities throughout the United States, especially in Texas, Florida, the Southwestern states, and who vote. 
Cain’s obvious support among Tea Party members is well known. The number one goal of all Republicans must be to beat Barack Hussein Obama. As the largest minority group in the United States Hispanics do indeed make up a large number of the swing vote, and contrary to the slurs we see published daily, they DO vote. They are also extremely sensitivity to inflammatory language and words of disdain. If Herman Cain continues to be as offensive and as inconsiderate with his rhetoric, he will lose the support of many Hispanics, whether or not they are members of the Tea Party.
In recent years new faces have emerged in key leading positions in the Hispanic community. However the Black Community finds itself with an ever increasing lack of leadership. One area where Barack Hussein Obama has failed miserably is in becoming involved in the problems of the black American community.

The reason that such a large percentage of blacks turned out to vote for Obama for president was that they hungered for a leader to guide them, but they have been let down. Even the congressional black caucus has expressed disappointment at his inaction and his recent scolding to black Americans to “stop whining.”

There is no deying that poverty, unemployment and crime are out of control in the black community.  Although great strides have been  made in education, social mobility, and the ability for many blacks to climb the corporate ladder, many more remain in some of the most poor and crime ridden area of America's largest cities. 

We have heard Cain's opinion on how to handle illegal immigration, but we have yet to hear how he would impact and assist the black community.  Will he continue the use of  costly entitlement programs which are financed by taxpayer dollars?

How does he intend to address poverty and the high level of unemployment in the black community?  What does Herman Cain propose to do about the runaway crime committed by blacks against blacks, and the break up of families by the incarceration of black offenders?  Study after study has shown that there is a direct correlation between poverty and violence among blacks.

Jamari is a prime example of today's black youth hungering for leadership and guidance within his own community - seeking help to break out of a vicious cycle. If Herman Cain is indeed guilty of pandering to xenophobes in order to receive their votes, then it would behoove him to address the black American problems in the inner city as well. 

We see Mr. Cain as insensitive, not only to Hispanics but  also to blacks.  Writer Mike McCray in an article entitled "Can we believe in the Gospel according to Herman Cain?"  addressed this issue concerning Herman Cain's failure to reach out to the black community and to black Republicans. "Cain makes it next to impossible for genuine black conservatives to be heard, and that not only does a disservice to political discourse in this country, it does a disservice to his own people and their freedomto decide what party has their best interests in mind.  His gospel only seem fit for a party of 1 (Cain) and as long as long as the GOP allows it too run, none of the people on that "Democratic Plantation" Cain says he left long ago will be coming with him for botes they desperately need if they want any realistic shot at unseating President Obama." 

Like illegal immigration which disturbs the equilibrium of American life, the large numbers of unemployed, welfare recipients, incarcerated men and women and those who commit violent crimes in the black community are of great concern to voters as well. 

The black American community is in great need of a caring and concerned leader. It is plagued with a myriad of problems that need to be resolved.  Will Herman Cain provide the needed leadership or can they continue to expect more of the same?  

Herman Cain can deliver a decent speech, but believing that action speaks louder than word, we believe there is more to be said.  Just as he addressed the  Hispanic community on the issue of illegal immigration, we expect Herman Cain to have the sensitivity to  address the problems of the black community. His speech to  American voters must be delivered  as directly  and explicitly as  he did the issue of illegal immigration.  Voters want to hear his proposed solutions to the many problems which affect us all. 

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