Saturday, October 1, 2011

Obama: What You DO is So Loud I Cannot Hear What You Say

We couldn't think of a better way to start our second year of blogging than by bringing you an original essay by our friend and mentor, author and commentator Rich Carroll.  Rich's 
op-eds have graced the pages of both versions of Two Sisters From The Right and his extremely successful article, "The Jihad Candidate" went viral and catapulted Two Sisters into the international world of blogging.  Welcome  back Rich!
Two Sisters

Obama: What You DO is So Loud I Cannot Hear What You Say

by Rich Carroll

You are suing states for protecting their citizens from illegal immigrants. Your job as President is to protect and defend us. We spend one million dollars a day and sacrifice the lives of our 2nd Infantry Division to protect South Korea's border, yet you will not protect our border. Drugs, criminals, guns, disease and gangs cross our borders daily endangering American citizens and you are most concerned about these illegals who could also be terrorists? Insanity!

You say you are for jobs, yet you put 10 restrictions and regulations in place that destroy job creation. In a desperate effort to reverse the tide of unemployment you urge the passage of The American Jobs Act, a turgid 155 page bill. All this bill does is tighten the stranglehold that government regulation has already placed on our economy. Your explanation for how the AJA will create jobs is a non-starter because you do not explain how we get from here to there. This bill will kill the very jobs it is supposed to create. The upside-down logic of this bill may seem logical to a die-hard Keynesian, but to ordinary people who realize the deliberate overpayment for inferior goods makes no sense to anyone.

The Chinese would like to buy more American lumber, but your administration has placed restrictions on tree cutting in the Northwest as if trees were not a renewable resource. Jobs lost on purpose. You refuse to drill for oil. More jobs lost. Who do you work for? You insisted we give tax dollars to General Motors – and they build two automotive plants with that money in Mexico. More insanity and the loss of jobs in America.

Your Administration is trying to prevent Boeing from operating a plant in South Caroline because it is a right-to-work state. You are willfully sabotaging business growth and jobs to please union thugs.

You say “Republicans cut education and we need to produce more engineers to be more competitive in the global market.” What you DO is support a liberal left-wing system orchestrated by the extreme leftist NEA that waters-down our children's curriculum. Once-upon-a-time American students ranked #1 in the world. Today our top 16 year olds rank 17th in reading, 21st in science, and 31st in mathematics for the global PISA exam held annually. Less money or lowered expectations in the public school classrooms? We no longer teach the “three R's,” we teach cultural diversity, how to feel good about yourself, and why Timmy has two mommies.” The left wing social engineering nonsense is to blame for our students not being prepared to “take on the world.” Shame on you.

You say “the United States is not at war with Islam and it never will be at war with Islam.” Tell that to our soldiers who daily fight against Islamic fanatics, driven and motivated by the words of their Qur'an. We ARE at war with Islam, Mr. Obama, and Americans are fed-up with your rancid Muslim shtick. You can also drop references to “the Holy Qur'an tells us.” Americans read the Bible. Since when does a President of the United State keep making references to the Qur'an?

Endorsing the mosque at ground zero in New York may sit well with your liberal leftist “globalists,” but it sits in the stomachs of Americans from Sea to Shining Sea as a vile reminder that you side with our sworn enemies.

You say “Americans are soft.” Do you mean those hundreds of thousands of Americans who stand in unemployment or welfare lines each week? Or do you mean our younger Americans who are soft because physical education has been removed from their leftist social engineering public school and replaced with “how to feel good about yourself?” Were you referring to the “older folk” who saved Europe from tyranny and came home to build this nation into the most powerful in the world, or did you mean the younger generation who have been raised on a twisted version of our nation's history and brainwashed into thinking “socialism will take care of them?”

You say “we all must sacrifice” yet we see you take extravagant vacations and blow money on parties and date nights beyond the realm of reality. Separate airplanes for your dog? Twenty-two personal servants for your wife? You must enjoy rubbing our noses in the bad economy. No sincerely concerned “first family” would be so flippant with our money.

America has stopped listening, Mr. Obama. We've SEEN enough. You have hoisted yourself on your own Petard. We the people are more than ready for an American president concerned about Americans more than he is about his golf and vacations.

Copyright Rich Carroll 2011



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