Friday, October 7, 2011

How 19 Muslims Toppled the United States

by Rich Carroll

Pro-Sharia Law Demonstrators in America
Can you remember the Twin Towers in Manhattan, New York, collapsing before your eyes on national television? I can. America watched in horror while tens of millions of Muslims from Michigan to Indonesia, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, Iraq and Yemen danced for joy in their streets. While this jubilation extended around the globe, our media insisted Muslims were peaceful and we should not allow these 19 radicals to influence our thinking. No one accounted for the tens of millions celebrating three thousand dead Americans at the hand of “Allah.”

Following this Islamic victory came demands, and we met them at every turn from providing security for the “Tri-state Islamic conference” in New York City to financing Islamic Madrassa schools with American taxpayer money.

To criticize Muslims was “bigotry” we were told.

Muslims continued killing Christians and Jews around the world in 44 countries averaging over 400 murders per week. In France Muslim crowds began burning cars and rioting for “their rights under Sharia.” We were told on the nightly news these burning homes, businesses and automobiles were the result of “French youth.” The word “Muslim” could not be used because politically correctness usurps truth, and, America had elected a Muslim President but everyone was afraid to mention Barack Hussein Obama's penchant for saying things like “the Holy Qur'an tells us.”

Islamic terrorists bomb the train station in London, and the Glasgow, Scotland airport. Islamic led rioting erupts in London and a burgeoning Islamic community carries signs that read “Your 911 is Next,” and “Islam shall conquer the world.”

The American media and left wing supporters still insist “most Muslims are peaceful.” The 2005 FBI report “Mosques in America” is prepared after nearly a year of undercover work delivering the startling summary that 75 per cent of mosques in the United States teach anti-American hatred. The FBI report went unmentioned by our main stream media. Americans were kept in the dark. As of this writing there have been 17,829 Muslim Jihad attacks around the globe in ten years resulting in hundreds of thousands of murdered victims. Western press refuses to question Islam on their intent. No reporter will inquire about the 109 Qur'an verses that distinctly instruct Muslim followers to kill Christians and Jews. Not one reporter will ask a Muslim the dreaded question “if you are a peaceful person why do you remain with a religion that insists you kill those of other faiths?”

The number of Mosques in America have grown to 2500 and with this figure so have their demands. Foods sold in our stores must be “Halal” (the Muslim equivalent of Kosher) or the stores will be sued. Sharia law courses are taught in 142 American taxpayer funded university law schools. To even mention this is “bigotry.”

Parts of Dearborn, Michigan, are “no go zones,” meaning only Muslims are allowed in. Yes, in the United States!

The annual Day of Prayer is canceled by the Obama Administration and replaced with Ramadan Dinner for Barack Obama's Muslim friends. Obama insists America is not a Christian nation, but a Muslim, Hindu, Jewish and Christian nation. No one objects to his agenda.

We continued to pander to Muslims and their Islamic faith, going so far as to allow them to build a mosque at ground zero, further rubbing our nose in their military victory over infidels. Anyone showing concern about this mosque, or the 35 Muslim terrorist training camps throughout the United States were called “hysterical right wing bigots.” Muslim publishing companies are producing school textbooks in the United States slanted against Christians.

We sat quietly and said nothing.

Muslim demands grow. They file lawsuits against us daily because one our traditional American customs or holidays “offends them.” They are winning these lawsuits in the courts of left-wing extremists. Public schools may discuss Islamic traditions and holidays, but Christian traditions and holidays are strictly forbidden less we “insult” Muslims.

Parents sit and do nothing.

Mosques continue to be built, and Muslims from around the world are flooding into the United States burdening our health and welfare resources. These Islamic immigrants refuse to “blend in.” They arrive knowing how to use our system for financial and medical help. Radical Islamic groups have sprung-up around the country on the university campus. Our elected representatives and/or the media will not speak of the anti-American rallies conducted by Muslims in our streets and schools. To do so would be bigotry. American flag burnings in American cities by Muslims never make the news.

Muslims now walk across our borders, and fly into our airports with impunity. To remain “politically correct” our security services continue to frisk Caucasian Christian grandmothers.

Radical Islamics laugh at us. We continue to pander to them. The list of Sharia compliant American banks grows. No one knows what this means. No one wants to be a “bigot.”

Fifteen years following 911, England is practicing two legal systems: One is Sharia. By 2021 the United States will follow England.

Happy America, and, I told you so.

Rich Carroll



At October 8, 2011 at 7:32 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've never known Rich to print anything but the truth. Yes, we sit around and wring our hands trying to do better next time but next time never comes for us. We are busy trying to make a living and raising our children. Just today I read where Muslims are upset at Hertz for not allowing them to break several times a day to pray. My question is 'why do we want a muslim taxi driver anywhere near an airport?" I know it's just me but my gosh, until we wake up...we're lost little lambs. Until we wear our hearts and beliefs on the front of our shirts, no one will hear or see us. Way to go Rich. We need a couple of million like you !

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At February 8, 2012 at 6:25 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

lies. all lies. islam is not a threat to us. it never has been. we have a criminal government. 9/11 was an inside job.

it was not caused by 19 muslims with box cutters. we don't know exactly what happened on that fateful day. but what we do know is that there is a cover up.

9/11 is the pretext and the basis for our entire military involvement in the middle east.

they are lying to us. do not be fooled.

At April 23, 2012 at 6:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

cowards hide behind "anonymous". Man up or shut up.


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