Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's YOUR Vote, Use It Wisely

It's been a busy few days, and we've been unable to post.  we've read news, reviewed pictures and videos, listened to pundits, politicians and preachers, and have been astonished by the different ways in which people in the media can spin and twist a story.  We've written about media bias in the past, and usually when one thinks of media bias, one thinks of the liberal media.  After watching segments from all media outlets we've reached a conclusion that more than bias, the media is all about thought control.  People in the media use subtle methods of thought control while attempting to appear neutral.  Their intent is the same for all, to persuade the reader, viewer or listener to think as they do.  In many cases, to influence your vote.

Because this is also true of bloggers we'd like to make a clarification when it comes to Two Sisters From The Right.  When we express an opinion, we're seldom subtle, and we always mean what we say. As one would with a friend, we discuss, and hopefuly provoke thought, which is a great deal different than thought control.  We believe we've made it clear to our readers that we support Governor Rick Perry's candidacy for President of the United States. When we write about him and other candidates, we are fully aware that you are perfectly free to agree or disagree with us.  

In being honest with our readers we will go one step further and declare that  if Rick Perry isn't the GOP nominee, we don't know that we can write in support of another candidate.  We will continue to blog.  We will continue to encourage the defeat of Barack Hussein Obama, we will support GOP candidates for other offices, we will eventually vote for the Republican nominee. But,  unlike we did in 2008 and supported John McCain "Because the alternative is unthinkable,"  we will not compromise or betray our values.

One of the most controversial moments  in the news this past week came at the Values Voters Summit when Southern Baptist preacher Robert Jeffress told the media that evangelicals had a duty to reject Mormons and other non-Christians, and that Mormonism is considered a cult.  The media of course wasted no time in accusing the Rick Perry camp of instigating the attack in order to put Romney in a similar situation as he found himself in during the 2008 elections.  FOX News' Megyn Kelly repeated the headline several times today during her program with an emphasis on Perry's people,  and justified it all by her "We report, you decide" tag line.  Sure, Megyn,  they'll decide after the idea had already been inculcated in people's heads several times. 

We simply do not believe that either Rick Perry nor his campaign people would dare endanger the Governor's position by stooping so low.  Why is it that because Rick Perry is an unabashed Christian, the media has taken turns to link him to religion, first by accusing him of favoring Muslims, and then by accusing him of being an anti-Semite.  Both charges were proven wrong, so now they went after the Mormonism slam.  We recall a similar event taken place when Governor Mike Huckabee was running for president and it too involved a Southern Baptist minister and the Mormon Church.    Later when William Bennett blasted Jeffress at the Summit, others said Perry should have been the one to take the lead and do so.  We disagree.  Why perpetuate the moment?  Mr. Perry spoke out against it on his own time without turning the Summit  into a free for all.  If anyone was to blame, it was the organizers of the event for not laying down a set of rules for the introductions, and even so, how would they know what the man would say?

Then of course, we could not turn on the television sets without seeing and hearing news of those who are occupying Wall Street, during this campaign time, and the copy cat malcontents in other American cities.  The media again wasted no time in quoting Herman Cain's taunts to the Wall Street protestesters, telling them to "Get a job."  They made sure to emphasize that Cain was the only candidate to take a stand against the protesters.  We  actually prefer the other candidates reaction which was to ignore them and to not give them the importance and the coverage they crave.  The Wall Street Squatters have gotten enough support from NYC Mayor Bloomberg who not only "predicted" the protest would take place, but has now given them leave to stay as long as they wish.  We have the feeling that the once GOP, now Independent Mayor Bloomberg is either getting ready to make another party change, or has lost a bolt or two in his head.

Seeing a picture of a Wall Street demonstrator defecating on an American flag was the only explanation we needed to understand what it is all about. It wasn't about getting a job.  It wasn't about following Cain's advice to go to Washington.  This is not an anti Wall Street, corporate America protest.  These Woodstock wannabes, are there to protest and to demonstrate against the United States of America, and anyone who supports them is, in our opinion, just as treacherous and treasonous as the participants themselves.  Can we make our feelings any clearer?

The focus in the news all day today will be on the GOP Debate in New Hampshire sponsored by Bloomberg and the Washington Post.  Nearly every search engine announces the debate with a picture of Rick Perry and  a quip about "this will either make or break Perry."  What about the other candidates?  The media's  wishful thinking is palpable.   

Both the WAPO and Bloomberg will be gunning for the Texas Governor, that is a given.  Most voters want to hear more about Cain's 999 economic proposal which many have begun to question in earnest.  Voters also want to hear more about Romneycare and the  policies that the  one term governor of Massachussetts put in place in his only attempt at governing.  Hopefully religious discussion will not be a factor, but voters would surely like an explanation to Romney's latest remark, "Either vote for me or Herman Cain."  An honest reply would answer many questions.  The media also appears to have written off Bachman and Santorum, and are in our opinion taking Ginrich and Paul's appeal to voters for granted.

Lastly, Two Sisters From The Right continues to support Governor Perry for President of the United States.  Speaking in Sioux City, Iowa on Saturday, Iowa state Senator Rick Bertrand gave Governor Perry his support.  While introducing the Governor he said:
-- Perry has executive experience, serving as governor of the nation's second most populous state for the last decade.
"He can sit across the table from President Obama and talk about what he's going to do, he can talk about what he has done," Bertrand.
-- A retired Air Force captain, Perry is the only candidate with military experience. Though the 2012 will focus heavily on jobs, Bertrand said national security will again be a top issue, with U.S. forces currently deployed in two wars.

"He has a great grasp of the importance of keeping our supremacy... expanding and growing the strength of America," Bertrand told the audience.
-- Lastly, Bertrand said Perry makes him "feel good about America."
"It's that Ronald Reaganesque when I was in high school growing up," Bertrand told the audience. "It's that confidence and positive attitude. It's the same thing we talk about in Iowa and Sioux City, that we're very confident that better days are ahead of us."
We'd like to add that of all the candidates, Rick Perry is the only candidate  who has experience securing the border, has battled the Federal Government for assistance, has put boots on the ground, and has had to deal with massive illegal immigration.

Other bloggers have taken on various other subjects that have been in the news lately.  We are living in a volatile, and explosive and rapidly changing world.  It is sometimes difficult to understand how people can be so hostile and so violent.  Man's inhumanity to man has never been seen as graphically as now because advanced technology allows us to witness  it in our own homes. 

Two Sisters From The Right  do not  particularly want to write about those topics  just now. We will choose one topic at a time.  The election of 2012 will be probably the most important election that we will face in what remains of our lifetime.  This will be the election which determines if America can return to its traditional values and principles, or continue in the path to self destruction.  Our votes will be the determining factors.  It's YOUR vote, use it wisely.

Two Sisters



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